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Tips on How To Use an Eyelash Curler Correctly

An eyelash curler is a valuable tool, when used correctly

We’re not the only ones that are obsessed with lashes. It’s a billion-dollar industry for a reason. The second you log onto Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social media site, your feed is immediately full of Kardashians and Jenners sporting dramatic falsies 24/7.

For normal people like us who want to enhance our lash game without looking over the top, it can be tough finding easy beginner tutorials that don’t require 5 different serums, 4 hours in front of the mirror every morning. Our team now decided we wanted to put together some tips and tricks on how YOU can get those luscious lashes you always see but never know quite how to achieve.

An eyelash curler is a valuable tool, but only when used correctly. Used incorrectly, it can damage your lashes. Here’s how to get gorgeous curled lashes intensely without damaging them or spending time and money at a salon.

Are Eyelash Curlers Worth the Hype?

Although an eyelash curler cannot make your lashes longer or thicker, it can curl them to give a wider-looking eye. If you have straight or short lashes, then this product is definitely for you!

Are lash curlers actually damaging to your lashes?

Although eyelash curlers can damage your lashes if not used correctly, they are safe for daily use when done properly. This will optimize your lash length.

What’s the Difference Between Eyelash Curlers?

There are two types of eyelash curlers: the ones you buy at the drugstore for a few dollars, and the more expensive versions that claim to be better quality. But no matter which kind you get, there are a few features your eyelash curler should have.

  • Curlers come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to find one that fits the entire width of your lash line. If it’s too small, it won’t be able to reach all of your lashes – especially the ones in the corners of your eyes.
  • The softest silicone rubber pads for your lashes are the most comfortable and won’t pull out any hairs. Silicone lash pads work best on small lashes, which often get squished and bent. Curlers that don’t have pads or that aren’t designed well will likely cause crimps in your lash line.
  • With an edge-free design, you don’t have to worry about the sides of the curler pinching your skin or tiny lash hairs.

How Can I Keep My Lashes Healthy?

If you want long, luscious lashes, use an eyelash curler. It’s easy to damage your lashes when using one though; here is how to curl them correctly and prevent any breakage.

How To Use an Eyelash Curler?

Try not to use your eyelash curler more than once a day, and always curl before applying any product. Apply products after you moisturize and prime your skin for the best results.

Firstly, Brush Your Lashes

For more defined and voluminous lashes, use a clean mascara spoolie to brush your lashes from root to tip. A good brush has a dual-sided spoolie that can also be used for brows. If you have any leftover product in your lashes, a lash comb will remove it effectively.

Be Sure To Clean Up Your Curler

It’s crucial that you regularly clean your lash curler, especially if you accidentally get product (like eyeliner or mascara) on the silicone pads. Use a cotton swab and alcohol, gently cleaning the bouncy silicone pad portion of the eyelash curler. Wait until the curler is completely dry before using it on your lash line to avoid irritating your lashes or causing any discomfort to your eye.

Make sure to hold the curler for about 8 seconds before letting it go

Gently squeeze the eyelash curler on your lashes, making sure not to exert too much pressure (which will feel like you are yanking or pinching) or too little pressure (which won’t properly curl your lashes). Using your index finger and thumb, gently squeeze the handle of your eyelash curler and hold the cutter in place for eight seconds.

Here’s a professional tip: resist the urge to heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer before using it. Although this is commonly advised, it’s actually not great for several reasons. You won’t be able to control how much heat is on the curler, and you could end up burning the skin around your eye.

For Straight Lashes…

For defined, curl lashes that will last all day, squeeze your curler from the root of your eyelashes to the tips in gentle continuous squeezes, about four times per eye as you move down the lash.

Use this tip to avoid giving your lashes a harsh, 90-degree angle. Instead of jerking the lash curler straight up after each curl, move it slowly towards the end to create a softer, natural-looking curve. Check your progress in a sideways glance in the mirror – you should see a gentle rounds shape rather than an L-shaped zigzag.

Only apply Mascara After Curling 

Before curling your eyelashes, make sure to never put on any product. This includes the natural mascaras!  Applying mascara coat your lashes with glossy finishes that could potentially make your lashes stiffer over time.

If you curl your lashes after using this product, it increases the chance they will break easily. You’ll also run into the increased risk of crimping your lashes and making them look bent out of shape.

Curl Gently

To curl your lashes perfectly, apply pressure evenly and gently. Never tug or yank them.

Try To Not Use Curlers Without Taking a Break

Curling your lashes daily is possible, but if you use 100% Pure’s Limitless Mascara, it’s not necessary because it lengthens, defines your york lashes while also nourishing them with pro-peptides. This encourages more density and length for total lash health. What’s unique about our mascara is that it can be curled after the mascara has dried. Just proceed gently!

Our mascaras are created to not only keep your lashes healthy, but help them grow healthfully. With healthier, fuller lashes, you can ditch your lash curler and make your morning routine quicker.

How Often Can I Curl My Eyelashes?

According to our founder, some mascaras simply won’t stay curled because they contain a high water concentration. Make your lashes last all day by using 100% Pure Mascara.

Do All Eyelash Curlers Fit With All Eye Shapes?

Most eyelash curlers can be used on any eye shape, but an edge-free model will give the best results no matter your eye shape. These types of curlers are usually able to grip small lashes without fail and have less curvature, making them ideal for those with non-almond shaped eyes.

How Do I Make My Curls Stay All Day?

With a water-based formula, you won’t have to worry about that.

Our formula is designed to hold your curl all day long, from the time you put on mascara to when you take it off at night.

100% Pure’s formulas not only style your lashes all day but do so without the use of harsh chemicals. If you find that your roots begin to straighten out a few hours after application, consider using our root-to-tip method or changing your mascara formula.

In Summary

You might need an eyelash curler if you want to make your eyes look wider, or your lashes are particularly straight. Be careful when using a lash curler though, and give your lashes some time away from the device every now and then.

The key to 100% Pure’s success is our clean and effective eye products that help you achieve the look you desire, while also keeping your lashes healthy. Our nourishing mascaras are perfect for protecting your lashes and preserving the curl you create.

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