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Tips To Nourish Your Hair

Parched Hair that is Unquenchable

Changing up your hair look is something you absolutely love doing. Every day, you can choose to either embrace and rock your natural curls, blow it out for a smooth straightened style, or put it up into an elegant updo. You enjoy mixing up the possibilities.


Hair issues can be a big obstacle, especially when it comes to dryness. But don’t worry, with deep conditioning treatments loaded with beneficial components such as rose, lavender and chamomile you’ll have your hair nourished and moisturized in no time!

Hair Mask

Not only does a hair mask provide your scalp and strands with essential hydration, it also feels like an opulent treat that is just for you.


If you’re wearing a blowout, use hair serum to keep your look fresh for an entire week. Before bedtime, apply the serum on the ends of your locks. If you prefer natural curls instead—no problem! Just rub some serum between index finger and thumb then twirl it around individual strands for refreshed coils without over-washing which can cause dryness.

Sleep Ritual

Organic Oil is a lifesaver! It’s ultra lightweight and provides an instant shine to your hair – not to mention, the heavenly scent that it carries. To keep your locks looking glossy and healthy, make sure you slip into silk pillowcases at night while you sleep!

At 100%Pure, we strive to provide products that we love and believe you will enjoy. We want your beauty experience to be effortless and fun!


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