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The Top 5 Eye Creams to Brighten

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If you want to give your skin an extra boost, eye creams and serums are the desert-island must-haves of makeup artists everywhere. Pat them on in the morning before SPF or putting on makeup for best results. Formulas without any texturizers or fillers can be especially potent and powerful.

Our eyes are the first place on our face to show signs of sun damage or lack of sleep. With thin skin, not containing any smoothing oil glands, it’s a challenge for us to keep this area looking its best. For a temporary solution, eye creams—or gels, serums and oils—are an excellent way to restore balance in your complexion without much effort. 

Although topical treatments can offer temporary results, no cream alone is capable of permanently lifting, brightening, depuffing and plumping delicate crepiness around the eyes. To achieve more significant and lasting outcomes in this area requires a professional approach – such as Botox injections or fillers from qualified surgeons or dermatologists. On top of that surgical fat removal procedures are also available for those looking to make long-term improvements in this region.

Clean eye cream may be the way to go when considering a long-term approach, yet conventional versions have their own advantages in the short term. However, they come with some potential drawbacks such as endocrine disruptors and irritants right where your skin is thinnest- meaning that their effects can accumulate over time if not monitored carefully.

Eye cream should be used in the morning for maximum effect! It’s not only calming and de-puffing, but also hydrating your skin to diminish wrinkles. Additionally, eye cream is a must if you wear makeup– especially foundation, BB Cream or concealer –to make it look more natural and last throughout the day. Make sure that you give your eye cream few minutes before applying anything else on top of it to avoid smudging.

Here are our top five picks when it comes to formulas!

1. For Crow’s Feet and Wrinkes

OSEA Ocean Eyes Age-Defying Eye Serum – Hydrating gel serum is specifically designed to reduce all signs of aging around the eyes, featuring seaweed, hyaluronic acid and peptides for improved smoothing of fine lines and crow’s feet. 

2. Sensitive Skin 

Tata HarperIlluminating Eye Creme – Capture the look of luminous skin with Tata Harper Illuminating Eye Creme, one of our most beloved formulas that intensely hydrates and minimizes wrinkles. This effective creme makes tired eyes appear energized while giving a soft-focus luminescence to your complexion.

3. Skin Firming Cream 

OSEA Firming Eye Cream – This eye cream is specifically formulated to restore youthfulness and vibrancy to the skin. DPHP, a plant-derived amino acid, works to plump and firm up the area around your eyes. Squalane provides long lasting moisture while Gigartina seaweed helps nourish delicate skin for improved health. A single application results in an instant smoothing effect with no greasy residue.

4. Tightening Cream 

Neocutis LUMIÈRE® FIRM Illuminating Tightening Eye Cream – Harness the power of growth factors and peptides, which work together to boost collagen production for a more youthful appearance. Experience firmer, smoother skin with less fine lines and wrinkles in no time. Caffeine then helps reduce under-eye puffiness, while vitamin C provides anti-aging protection against free radicals from environmental stressors.

5. Unbeatable Price

100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream – Wake up your eyes with caffeine from coffee and green tea which help reduce puffiness, improve circulation, and brighten dark circles. Anti-aging vitamins and rosehip then step in to promote a more youthful eye area.

Honorable Mentions 

For dark circles: 

Caudalie Premier Cru Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream – Erase deep wrinkles, diminish fine lines, tighten skin, volumize complexion, restore elasticity, lighten dark spots, replenish hydration levels and amplify radiance.

Brightening Mask: 

100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask 5 Pack – This highly caffeinated eye mask is designed to brighten and soothe under-eye puffiness. Crafted from 95% organic aloe water and 5% plant cellulose, it intensely hydrates your skin cells with a blast of nourishment that lasts long after the hydrogel mask has been removed. The longer you leave it on, the thinner it becomes as its moisture gets absorbed into your complexion. Rejuvenate tired eyes with this luxurious treatment!

Lift Your Skin 

Herbivore Moon Dew 1% Bakuchiol + Peptides Retinol Alternative Eye Cream – Instantly tighten and smooth the eyes with this innovative line-filling eye cream. With 1% bakuchiol and plant peptides, unwanted fine lines and wrinkles are noticeably decreased while eye creases become visibly firmer over time for a stunningly lifted look.

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