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Top 5 Skin-Care Ingredients Recommended by Dermatologists

If You’re Looking for the Best Skincare Ingredients, Check Out This List

What ingredients are most beneficial for your skin in the long-term? Ask a dermatologist! Here, we highlight some of their top choices to help you pick the right products.

1. Humectants to Lock In Moisture

Humectants are beneficial for all skin types, as they draw in hydration and enable other ingredients to penetrate deep into the dermis. One of her go-to’s is hyaluronic acid; an ingredient that dramatically plumps and firms the epidermis!

2. Shielding Fatty Alcohols

Treat your skin to the fortifying benefits of plant-derived emollients that both protect and moisturize without clogging pores or irritating blemish-prone areas. Jojoba oil and coconut butter are two great choices for increasing skin hydration, allowing you to maintain softness all day long!

3. Hydrating Occlusives

For those with delicate, aging skin or issues such as eczema and broken barriers, occlusives are a must. By forming an invisible shield on the surface of your skin, these creams and ointments work to retain hydration for maximum comfort.

4. Delicate Exfoliators

By exfoliating regularly, your skin will remain vibrant and be better able to absorb moisture. However, don’t go overboard with it; over-exfoliation can damage the protective barrier of your skin and its ability to retain hydration.

5. Mineral-Based Sunscreen

For all-day skin protection, your dermatologist will recommend wearing sunscreen. And if you’re looking to switch up your routine, this lightweight mineral formula absorbs quickly and offers SPF 40!

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