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Our Top Nourishing Oil Picks

Why You Should Apply Oils Everyday

Looking to nourish and restore your skin without the use of harsh chemicals?

Indulging in body oils is an incomparably luxurious experience. They provide unparalleled hydration that leave your skin feeling firmer, smoother and more supple while the simple act of applying them encourages you to take a moment for yourself – even if it’s only a minute or so! It’s this very unique characteristic that makes body oils such an incredible indulgence.

Body oils are luxurious and indulgent, leaving your skin radiantly glowing, toned, and more elastic. They may require a minute of your time to apply but that’s precisely the point – they provide an opportunity for you to take a much-needed breather from life’s hustle. And don’t be fooled by how quickly some body oils absorb into the skin – their hydrating properties will leave you feeling like royalty all day long!

Extraction processes of natural, plant-based oils can dramatically affect the end result on your skin: cruel solvents leave behind residues that are easily absorbed. Oils labeled as “bath” oil may contain harsh solvents or drying surfactants to make them foam and less oily on a bathtubs surface.

Therefore, it is imperative to take extra caution when selecting skincare products for use.Face oil has revolutionized skin care for countless individuals over the years, highlighting Indigenous women’s centuries-long use of essential oils as a more effective alternative to conventional skincare concoctions designed with texture and scent in mind. Similarly, body oils can be used for multiple purposes: moisturizing and firming the skin; replacing traditional perfumes; acting as bath oil; or even being substituted for hair oil products! 

Discover the contrast between body oils with ease – and without expending energy! Our editors have scrutinized each oil thoroughly so you can make an informed decision. From sensuous massage oils to light, silk-like sprays, we adore them all equally!

For the most luminous glow and fastest absorption, look no further!

We are in love with this luxurious and exquisite oil – it quickly dissipates into skin, leaving a velvety feel! Not only does the nourishing formula intensely hydrate your complexion, but also gives you an illustrious radiance. Furthermore, its delightful scent is just one among many reasons to fall head over heels for it.

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Renewal Rituals

Revel in the luxuriousness of this oil as the highly functional ingredients quickly and deeply penetrate your skin, offering you a positively rejuvenating beauty regimen that replenishes, nourishes and hydrates.

Love For Perfume

This luxurious oil, containing natural oils and rose flower extracts, will leave your skin feeling soft, dewy and gleaming. Its gentle yet sensual tropical scent can also be used as a natural perfume on the wrists or all over – an effortless way to keep you smelling beautiful!

Spray It On

Transform your skin’s texture with Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum. This formula, enriched with clinically-proven Antileukine antioxidant powerhouses, will defend against environmental stressors and dryness while intensely nourishing, hydrating and promoting firmer and smoother skin. Its ultra-lightweight texture absorbs quickly without leaving residue on your skin – use it alone or layered over sunscreen/lotion for a deeply moisturizing experience!

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a balm-to-oil texture

Perfect for on-the-go, this semi-solid balm is a luxurious blend of natural oils and butters that instantly soothes the skin. With its dreamy aroma and delectable texture, it’s no wonder why this island scented body oil has become a must have home beauty treatment too.

Revitalize Skin 

This exquisite blend of jojoba, grapefruit, and avocado essential oils leave skin feeling revitalized and hydrated. Enjoy it as a luxurious post-shower moisturizer or part of an invigorating dry brushing ritual; just remember to brush from your feet towards the heart for maximum relaxation!


This ultra-moisturizing body oil packs a powerful punch with its antioxidant-rich fruit extract and hemp seed oil, infusing essential nutrients and fatty acids that leave your skin feeling smooth as silk and looking irresistibly glossy.

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