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Transform Your Eyebrows

Expert Brow Shaping Tips & Tricks!

Bolder, fuller eyebrows are most certainly in fashion right now. Put away the tweezers and forget about having thin brows – embrace your natural shape instead! Enhance them with powder or pencil for a more sophisticated appeal. If you’re pressed for time, don’t put on full face mineral makeup; use foundation to even out your complexion, structure your brows, and add definition to your lashes swiftly- all it takes is five minutes! You’ll still be looking polished regardless of how short you had to get ready.

Brow Types

Everyone is blessed with a unique set of eyebrows, so to get the desired end-result you need to be aware of your brow’s characteristics. If yours are sparse and undefined, use pencils for definition and powder to fill in; if you want an even more structured look – try out stencils! But if it’s just a little bit of extra density that you’re after then powders will do the job. For unruly hairs instead reach for gel or wax as these products help keep them tamed! And finally don’t forget about experiment – there may not be ‘one size fits all’ solution but definitely something out there which suits YOU perfectly.

Types of Brow Products

It’s time to choose! With the multiple brow products available, it is critical to recognize their distinguishing features as each product will bring about a unique outcome.

  • Powder: Need a soft and natural brow look? Brow powder is the answer! It helps to naturally fill in sparse areas, darken or lighten the hue of your eyebrows – all without making it too dramatic. Not only that, powder gives you greater control when applying so you can always get just what you want out of every stroke!
  • Pencil is an exceptional tool, but can quickly become overwhelming if not used correctly – that’s why practice makes perfect! To get the most out of this asset, use it to accentuate your brows by creating a defined line below or create short strokes within resembling each individual hair. With enough effort and practice you will be able to master pencil in no time!
  • If you’re looking for an unshakable brow, Gel is the answer! With its powerful sculpting capabilities, your eyebrows will be in place all day long. Plus, with a tinted gel to cover those pesky gray hairs that may appear – applying after powder or pencil shapes and colors- it’s never been easier to have perfect arches every time.
  • Wax is more pliable than gel, so it produces a softer and more natural appearance.

Transform Your Look with Perfectly Filled-In Eyebrows! 

Want to achieve the perfect brow shape? Here are our top-notch tips for sculpting beautiful, never overdone eyebrows:

  1. Start by using a precise micro brow liner or precision brow pencil along the bottom of your eyebrow line. This will create length and definition.
  2. Next, blend two shades with an angled liner brush to get that custom color you want – then fill in any gaps!
  3. To make sure everything is even more defined and highlighted, use liquid concealer in brighten around the edges of your eyebrow area – but remember to gently blend outwards as not to overdo it!
  4. Finally, set unruly hairs into place with either wax from your quad palette or a clear gel and voila – picture perfect eyebrows all day long!


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