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Transform Your Hair Using 8 Products

Discover the Secret to Lustrous, Healthy Hair

At one point, I was sure that my hair had been entirely ruined. The harsh bleaching and extensions paired with the everyday heat-styling had taken its toll on my locks; they were so weak from all of the damage and breakage that it seemed unfixable.

After a box dye which my roommate applied to my tresses only made matters worse, as clumps of hair started falling out in response.

I decided to make a change and eliminate all the detrimental chemicals, such as parabens, preservatives, silicones, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc., from my hair care routine. Since switching over to clean and nourishing botanical-based products, I have seen incredible results!

Even though I still color and utilize heat styling methods on my hair, it is now longer, shinier, and softer than ever before—not to mention healthier too!

The key to maintaining vibrant hair color for longer lies in the shampoo you use. 100% Pure’s signature formula increases my hair’s luster and maintains its hue, defying brassiness like never before. I have noticed a significant improvement; not only does my color last far more than it used to, but it even shines brighter!

Weekly Hair-Care

If you’re struggling with a dry scalp like I was, then this solution is exactly what you need. Not only does it moisturize and restore balance to your hair, but all you have to do is use this treatment once per week for fifteen minutes! Simply apply it to the scalp before hopping into the shower, let it work its magic, and rinse afterward—that’s all there is to it!

My colleague persuaded me to purchase this hand-cut jade comb, and now it has become my favorite thing to do right before I go to bed. Gua sha, an ancient Chinese massage therapy that involves the use of a sculpted tool over the face or body, is what inspired this special item! Every time I apply it across my skin, it sends waves of relaxation through my body, allowing me to truly de-stress from all angles before turning in for sleep.

Twice-Weekly Hair Care

I’m completely in love with this mint shampoo and how my hair looks after each use. It feels so gentle, revitalized, and luxurious! I give myself a two-times weekly treatment to rid any residue from dry shampoos–it’s nourishing for both scalp and strands. This cleansing experience is pampering beyond compare while leaving me with always stunningly beautiful locks!

As someone with long, finely highlighted hair always in need of hydration, finding the perfect clean conditioner took a while. But when I stumbled upon this super moisturizing one and tried it out, wow! My locks absorbed all its nourishing nutrients immediately; they felt unbelievably soft and smelled amazing.

Everyday Hair Care

I can confidently say that I’m never switching back to using a standard towel for my hair again. The lengthy microfiber hair towel is ideal for wrapping up all of my locks, drying them faster, and avoiding split ends, as opposed to what normal towels do. With the elastic band included, this product has the advantage of keeping the cloth secure at all times while also providing me with lusciously smooth strands without any flyaways!

With its ultra-fine, weightless powder that eliminates oil and amplifies your volume, this dry shampoo is a game-changer for reviving second-day blowouts. Give it a try – your hair will thank you!

Without this detangler, I’m not sure how I ever managed to style and brush my hair. My fine strands often tangle and knot up, making them painfully difficult to blow-dry or comb through. After using it, though, the texture of my air-dried hair was softer than ever before—smoother with noticeably more manageability! My light blonde highlights remain brilliantly radiant no matter the season!

If you are seeking a fabulous blow-dryer that can give you beautiful, voluminous curls or an elegant straight look without subjecting your hair to concentrated heat, this brilliant and adorable dryer is the perfect choice for you! Just use it with a round brush featuring boar bristles; its soft grip ensures the best texture. Moreover, this incredible hairdryer even has a “cold shot” button, which adds extra shine while controlling frizz, making styling easier than ever before!

My hair has never felt smoother than when I slumber on a luxurious silk pillowcase. Plus, it keeps my blowouts looking smooth and voluminous for days! To keep this perfect look lasting even longer, before bedtime I tie up my tresses in a topknot with an elegant silk scrunchie. When the morning arrives, all that’s left to do is shake out the bun and revel in immaculate wavy locks without any frizz or tangles.


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