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Troubled with dry skin? Jean has the answer!

Learn Simple Ways to Restore Moisture and Glow with the Beauty Director Jean Godfrey-June!

Hi Jean, As though my skin were a sponge that absorbs moisturizer and then instantly releases it all again—that’s how I feel when I experience the occasional bouts of dryness. No matter what cream or natural remedy I use in these times nothing seems to stick! Do you have any advice for me? Particularly since this problem often crops up while travelling? Thanks so much —Laura M.

Dear Laura, Even if Mexico City is the ultimate travel destination, travelling can ultimately negatively affect both our skin and psychological well being. I have a relatively normal complexion (though it used to be oily with occasional blemishes). However, when under extreme conditions my skin becomes so dry that no amount of cream seems to help – as if nothing at all has occurred!

From the plane I could already tell my skin was going to feel parched. Mexico City is situated at a high altitude, and although there are many lovely parks with trees that arch over alluring city streets, the air here can be uncomfortably dry. It may have been more lush than anticipated, but its extreme height still takes some getting used to!

I was well-prepared for my flight; I never go anywhere without Tammy Fender’s Intensive Repair Balm. It is the most luxurious, deeply moisturizing moisturizer on the market! But I also packed plenty of beauty items to ensure that my trip would be as pampered and indulgent as possible – sometimes a little self-care can really soothe skin irritation.

With an endless supply of beauty, music and delightful food to enjoy throughout the day, we had no choice but to indulge in a whirlwind of joy. Yet by nightfall when it was time for respite from all these plentiful delights, there could be none better than our home away from home – Ignacia Guest House in Roma! Even amidst such pleasure-filled days, humans still require moments where they can simply rest and relax which is exactly what Ignacia provided us with its stylish comforts.

Sitting among cacti and mesmerized by the peaceful bubbling of an old-fashioned rusted tub, we savored delectable craft mezcal cocktails until our bodies were nearly motionless. We then ascended to our exquisite room, turned on a double showerhead, and fixed a pink clay mask onto the tiling. Details of this blissful experience are yet to come!

When you think of pink clay, the image that usually comes to mind is something drying. But 100% Pure’s Tea Tree Deep Detox Mask offers a different experience entirely! The clay helps trap moisture and allow it to absorb into your skin like a dream. I find shower steam enhances this effect even further; all you have to do is smooth on the mask thickly, close your eyes, and let it sink in. Regardless if you have dry or irritated skin from exposure to high-altitude air – there’s nothing quite like this mask for soothing away those pesky issues quickly! Plus, with the sweet scent of roses accompanying its application – what more could one ask for?

After I washed away the green clay from my skin, I sprayed a luxurious layer of 100% Pure’s Lavender Tonique and Tammy Fender’s Intensive Repair Balm to lock in all the hydration.

I opened my eyes to the soft, glowing radiance of my skin and yet another sunny day in Mexico City (where winter is usually a steady seventy degrees). We managed to take it slow under the shade of trees, basking in homemade breakfast tacos and all sorts of fruits. 

Nonetheless, before long we were running around beneath the high-altitude sun’s rays. Don’t let the abundance of trees fool you – no matter how many there are, make sure to bring sunscreen. You’re definitely going to need it when visiting Frida Kahlo’s house and studio (trust me, this is one sightseeing trip you don’t want to miss out on)! I personally used SPF 50 with a citrusy scent that was light as a feather; believe me when I say that it can not be recommended highly enough!

If you suffer from dry skin, the Tammy Fender treatment is an absolute must. I understand that some of us may not be able (or willing) to lug around a bottle of body oil while traveling – but don’t sacrifice your bath routine, masking or moisturizer! If having access to lavender oils isn’t possible until you get back home, simply knowing they’re waiting for you can provide plenty of comfort in itself.

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