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How Lifestyle Habits Affects Your Skin

A Top Plastic Surgeon’s Pro Tips 

Lying in the sun with a chilled glass of rosé, or savoring two slices of pizza for dinner? It’s no wonder these moments bring us pleasure, however, Dr. Julius Few, founder of the Few Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Chicago notes that these indulgent activities can be detrimental to our skin as we age. Fortunately, he also mentions there are multiple healthy habits that bring us closer to attaining perfect youthful skin!


According to Few, it is pleasurable and beneficial in moderation to bask in the sun’s rays as they assist with vitamin D production. However, overexposure or failing to protect your skin can create lasting effects such as aging of the skin. UV radiation from sunlight prevents elastin from forming correctly and restricts your body’s ability to repair overtime – resulting in wrinkles that become visible even when at rest!

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“Smoking can wrinkle the skin on your face and neck in two ways: It reduces elastin production in the skin, as well as pursing of the lips that is necessary when you smoke a cigarette. These factors create an unmistakable “smoker’s mouth” accompanied by dark wrinkles around your face and neck.”


According to him, exfoliation is a crucial factor for achieving healthy and youthful-looking skin on the face, neck, and body. It helps shed dead skin cells so that new ones can grow in its place efficiently. Moreover, it also serves as an indication to stimulate deeper layers of your skin into producing more collagen and elastin fibers. It’s advisable to exfoliate only once per week since this coincides with the natural cycle of our skin’s renewal process; going overboard may put stress on your skin or cause inflammation.

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“Dairy is a considerable contributor to adult-onset acne. Not only that, but the chronic acne process can also make one’s face look more aged and worn out. Eating diets rich in fruits and vegetables provide many healing nutrients as well as hormone stimulation which helps maintain healthy skin tissue. Furthermore, do not forget that protein plays an essential role in collagen production whether it be animal or plant-based!”


Hydration is key for achieving healthy and rejuvenated skin. As the night comes around, it’s an opportune time to nourish your skin as it will be more active in repairing itself during this period.

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Drinking alcohol is a surefire way of depriving your skin of moisture. It may also result in the deficiency of several essential vitamins and minerals that are vital for proper collagen production and blood circulation such as B Vitamins, C Vitamin, folic acid, zinc and magnesium. Consequently, this will lead to dullness or dryness on the surface.


“Exercise can have positive benefits for our health and well-being as well as the appearance of our skin. However, certain types of workouts can result in premature aging on the face and neck – an effect known as ‘runner’s face’ which is caused by intense downward traction on the retaining ligaments coupled with fat loss under the skin leaving behind a gaunt look. To help combat this, moderate-impact exercises like yoga, stationary bikes, running at a steady pace and strength training have been found to provide the best results for facial aging since they increase circulation without putting an excessive strain on facial ligaments.”


Few explains that any condition causing the body to be relatively dehydrated is harmful for skin. For instance, diabetes can significantly deteriorate the way our skin looks when left untreated. Hyperglycemia occurs as a result of high blood sugar levels and causes dehydration throughout your body which in turn impairs the capability of our skin to self-repair itself due to its inflammatory nature.

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