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Unleash the Power of Bakuchiol

Rediscover the Power of Nature with Bakuchiol

Our blog has been abuzz with enthusiasm for retinol this year, and it’s easy to understand why – it transforms skin in unbelievable ways! It works wonders on fine lines, acne, texture and hyperpigmentation. However powerful its capabilities may be though, there is a cost associated that must not go overlooked; the dryness and flakiness can be quite hard on those using retinol long-term.

If you’re looking to achieve that coveted retinol glow without any of the potential adverse effects, bakuchiol is your answer. We usually suggest easing into use slowly when recommending retinol – but sometimes even this precautionary measure isn’t enough. With bakuchiol, you can still enjoy results with minimal risk of irritation!

What is Bakuchiol and What Isn’t It?

If you are unfamiliar with Bakuchiol, this all-natural ingredient is harvested from the psoralea corylifolia plant, otherwise known as “babchi”. In addition to having a long history of being used in Ayurvedic medicine, modern science also values bakuchiol for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. With its ability to reduce skin inflammation, it’s no wonder why many have turned to this powerful retinol alternative.

This resurgent component mimics the same impressive advantages as retinol, but it is not actually a variety of retinol. Rather, it’s an inactive element which means you can apply it in your morning routine without any worry regarding sunlight sensitivity. Though that doesn’t mean you don’t need SPF protection; sunscreen should still be used on a regular basis to maintain healthy skin!

Could Bakuchiol Be the Perfect Choice for Your Skin?

Yes! Are you one of the many people who suffer from dry, sensitive skin after using a retinol? Or have you simply stayed away from it altogether in order to avoid any type of discomfort? Regardless of your experiences with retinols, bakuchiol is absolutely something that should be included in your daily skincare routine. It’s ultra gentle and will give you similar results such as smoothing and firming without any irritation or pain.

If you have never had an issue with using OTC retinol or prescription retinoids, then there is no need for switching to bakuchiol. The advantages of these substances still outweigh those of bakuchiol, so keep up your current routine! However, if you are hoping to use something more natural and looking for additional benefits from products at the same time, try out bakuchiol; it’s not a potent ingredient so feel confident that overuse won’t be a problem.

Everyone loves having extra hydrated skin with added glow – here’s our tip: when layering product after one another onto your face make sure to begin by applying the retinol product first followed quickly by adding on some bakuchiol.

Are you eager to integrate bakuchiol into your usual routine? Our team is overjoyed to provide one of the top-selling products with a revamped and more effective formula! This 100% Pure Bakuchiol Oil Serum not only helps reduce puffiness but also hydrates, smoothens the skin texture, plus includes Vitamin C that defends against blue light damage from digital devices. Are you ready for this miraculous bakuchiol formulation?!

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