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Unsure when to use toner?

Keep reading and you’ll find out!

Wondering when to add a toner into your skin-care routine? Here’s the short answer: after cleansing, but before any other treatments. Now for the longer explanation—toners can truly transform your results and make you feel like you’re getting more from all of your products. Read on for our top tips to maximize their effectiveness!

Find the Perfect Skin Care Solution for You!

Start your daily skincare routine with a gentle exfoliation, regardless of whether you are sensitive or can use stronger treatments without any reactions. This stands to benefit the efficacy of all other subsequent steps in your beauty regime. You will find that cleansing thoroughly yet gently whilst simultaneously exfoliating and hydrating skin works wonders for refining, brightening, and softening it over time.

Face Wash

Pamper your skin twice a day with a soft, exfoliating face wash crafted from natural fruit enzymes, arctic cloudberry, and bitter orange peel to leave you feeling cleansed, refreshed, and glowing.

Fermented Toner

Transform your skin in an instant with this revolutionary two-in-one daily treatment toner. It gently exfoliates, moisturizes and brightens the complexion for a luminous glow!

Learn How to Do Your Daily Routine!

For a beautiful, glowing complexion every day, cleanse and tone your skin first. Next step: Apply treatment serum that is specifically formulated for your desired outcome. Follow up with nourishing moisturizer then don’t forget to top it off with sunscreen! Sunscreen is an absolute must-have especially if you do any type of exfoliation which can be harsh on the skin otherwise.

Normal to Dry Skin


Strengthen and hydrate your skin with a single dose of face serum, featuring both long-and short-chain hyaluronic acid molecules. The ultramoisturizing powers will give you an instant boost, leaving your skin feeling refreshed!


This delectable cream is as luscious and sumptuous as it gets – crafted with a luxurious blend of thirteen different oils, creating an incredibly nourishing and hydrating experience for your skin.


Let your skin bask in the nourishing protection of SPF 20 with a hydrating natural sunblock, which absorbs quickly and effortlessly.

Sensitive Skin


This luxurious serum is designed specifically for sensitive, dry, or reactive skin and provides powerful yet gentle ingredients that illuminate the complexion while visibly diminishing wrinkles, improving firmness and elasticity.


Pamper your skin with this luxuriously silky, featherweight lotion. Loaded with nurturing botanicals and hyaluronic acid, it deeply nourishes even the most sensitive of complexions.


This exquisite mineral sunscreen imbues a heavenly texture that seamlessly blends into the skin.


Revitalize your skin each week with an overnight glycolic acid glow peel! This powerful exfoliating treatment will refine, retexturize and brighten the complexion while you rest. Enjoy a refreshed look and feel in no time – luxuriously effortless beauty from the comfort of your own home.

Experience the transformative power of a clinically tested microdermabrasion exfoliator within several days, never sooner than 24 hours after application. Utilizing both physical and chemical exfoliation methods, you’ll be left with a smoother complexion that radiates healthiness and vibrancy!

Which Toner, Essence, or Tonic is the Perfect Match for my Skin Type?

Flower Water Toner.

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