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Unsure Which Foundation or Concealer Shade Is Right For You? 

Check out this guide to help you find the perfect match

For the most part, in the nineties, we applied makeup with foundations that were way lighter or darker than our skin tone. We would cake on long-lasting foundation and create a harsh line along our jaw so it looked like we were wearing a mask.

We have improved foundation and concealer options now, as well as professional makeup artists to help us find our perfect shade from an entire range. They can also teach us the proper way to apply loose powder foundation, liquid foundation, or tinted moisturizer.

Bring out your best dazzling self by using makeup and skincare products that accentuate your natural skin tone instead of concealing it.

We interviewed makeup guru and 100% Pure’s Founder to learn the tips for finding your perfect foundation and concealer shade—even if you’re only doing a virtual try-on while shopping online.

Foundation vs. Concealer

Foundation and concealer are both products that give your skin an even tone by providing coverage. Foundation is liquid or cream form and Concealeris a thicker, more cakey formula.

You use foundation all over your face as your base before any other makeup product application OR in areas where you need extra coverage like hyper-pigmentation optical illusion, while you tend to dab on concealer with a Q-tip only in specific places like under eye circles from lack of sleep the night before.

You can use either product all over your face, depending on the level of coverage you want and what imperfections you’re trying to cover up or fix. In general, it’s best to use as little product as possible so that your natural skin tone comes through for a more flawless finish.

However, concealers and foundations come in a variety of textures, from sheer to full coverage. So, ultimately, the formula you choose depends on how much coverage you desire or require based on your skin type.

How do I know if my foundation should be lighter or darker than my skin tone?

Our team always advises using a foundation that is the same color as your skin. This will leave you with a natural-looking tan, and prevent any ruddy or patchy areas around your face.

You can create a natural-looking tan by using bronzer instead of dark foundation all over your face. If you’ve gotten too much sun, trying to cover it up with a lighter foundation will only make it more obvious. Use a good moisturizer and luminizer to highlight your skin instead.

How to Determine Your Perfect Foundation Shade

The first thing you need to do to find your foundation shade is figuring out your skin’s natural undertones. You can tell what they are by looking at the color of your cheeks.

Your undertones can be classified as one of three types:

  • Cool. Cool undertones contain hues of blue, red, and pink. Veins are more visible beneath the skin surface for those with cool undertones.
  • Warm. Warm-toned complexions display yellows, golds, and peachy shades minorities will often have warm tones due to higher levels of melanin in their skin. 
  • Neutral Tone. A neutral tone is a blend of both cool and warm hues.

You can tell what foundation will work for you by determining your skin’s undertone and then comparing it to the foundation colors. Be sure to test the foundation on your cheek instead of your hand, as the skin tone is usually different. Experts can always assist you in selecting a matching shade.

At 100% Pure we specialize in finding the perfect shade for you and adding our favorite mascara and lip balm to complete your look.

Picking the Correct Foundation and Concealer Color

The general rule of makeup says that your foundation and concealer should be the same shade. But like with all rules, there are exceptions! If you’re frequently in front of a camera (like if you’re an influencer), then you’ll actually want a slightly lighter concealer than your foundation. 

Just remember to tone it down for every day wear–the look that works best for photos is usually too dramatic otherwise.

A concealer with slightly salmon tones can help reduce the bluish hues under eyes, which are often due to stress, heredity, and thin skin. If you want to brighten your under-eye area. Opt for a concealer that is just one shade lighter than your foundation.

Is It Necessary to Use Different Types of Foundation and Concealer for Various Seasons?

Possibly, if you don’t take care of your skin. Tanning in the summer will result in needing a different shade, however wearing sunscreen should keep your skin tone consistent throughout the year with slight variations, if any. It will also aid in avoiding sun damage that causes premature aging.

How to Use a Color-Correcting Concealer?

Color-correcting concealer can be used to neutralize areas of discoloration on your skin. For example, a salmon-toned concealer can help correct dark under eye circles. However, the best way to correct discoloration is by using application techniques that help cover up blemishes.

If You Purchased the Wrong Shade of Foundation or Concealer, What Should You Do?

To ensure you’ve selected the right shade, it’s best to check with a professional. If your chosen shade is too dark, don’t worry – you can hang on to it and use it during summer when your skin tone is usually slightly darker. Additionally, you can use it as a shading product to create more depth and definition in your face. If the shade is too light, again no problem; keep it for winter or apply only under the eyes to brighten them up.

Our team’s favorite products

At 100% Pure, we pride ourselves in offering products that create beautiful, flawless skin. 

Our Fruit Pigmented Full Coverage Water Foundation and Fruit Pigmented Long Last Concealer with Super Fruits are perfect for achieving a natural look that will withstand even the harshest of lighting conditions.

You’ll love our products because they work in harmony with your skin, letting it take center stage instead of the product. 

Plus, as always, our products are eco-friendly and gentle on your skin. Formulated with natural ingredients that are never harsh or irritating, you can trust that our foundations and concealers will give you beautiful coverage without any chemicals or toxins. Made certified organic ingredients and 100% cruelty-free for peace of mind when using all your favorite shades!

If you need help picking the right foundation and concealer shades (or suggestions for other eco-friendly beauty products), be sure to check out our blog! We would love to assist you in finding your own unique brand of beauty.

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