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Unveiling the Secrets of Face Brushes

A Face Brushes Guide 

When it comes to beauty, many often overlook one of the most essential categories – brushes! Utilizing the appropriate brush for your desired look can drastically alter your results. Consider brushes as you would tools – if you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail, why should makeup be any different? Also, concealer isn’t meant to be applied with a large, full coverage brush because it won’t give you the desired effect. If you need help navigating through all of your makeup brushes and figuring out what each one is used for, we’ve got your back! Below are our favorite face brushes and how they should be used:

Foundation Brushes

  • Sheer Coverage

To create an effortless, natural look when applying foundation, use a brush with soft and fluffy bristles that are not densely packed. By utilizing Dual Fiber Face Brush for this process you will be able to pick up less product and apply it to your skin gently. Try using Loose Base Foundation in combination with the brush to achieve a gorgeous dewy finish. Pro Tip: You can also utilize Dual Fiber Face Brush after using denser brushes by blending out or removing excess product (just make sure the brush is clean first!).

  • Medium Coverage

For obtaining medium coverage, we recommend the Flat-top Kabuki Brush. The bristles are firm yet flexible enough to move product around your face so that you can achieve an even balance between sheer and fuller coverage. Liquid Foundation works best with this brush, and is our definite go-to when searching for optimal medium coverage results.

If you are looking for a brush that will provide excellent results while applying not only powder and cream blushes but also foundation, the Sigma 3DHD Max Kabuki is an ideal choice. It works exceptionally well with a cream foundation to produce a delicate finish!

  • Full Coverage

Don’t worry, we haven’t left out those who prefer full coverage. The Tarte Foundcealer Foundation Brush is exactly what you need to achieve a flawless look that maximizes the foundation’s formula. When used in tandem with Pressed Base, concealing may not even be necessary.

Get your liquid foundation perfect in just a few strokes with the Jane Iredale Foundation Brush. Its angled bristles are designed to make sure you don’t miss any of those tricky contours. Build up coverage from medium to full and achieve that flawless, airbrushed look everyone wants. So go ahead – get ready for your closeup!

Camouflage Brushes

For those seeking to conceal and camouflage, it is important to take into account the formula of your concealer (powder or cream) as well as the size of the region you’re targeting. If an all-in-one solution is what you need, then Dual Brush is your go-to option; it provides two brush sizes that will manage most any situation.

For more accurate results when using cream formulas, an Eye Brush is the perfect tool. Its flat bristles are designed to expertly apply product on any areas needing concealing for flawless coverage of smaller imperfections.

Powder Brushes

Ready to lock in your look? No matter what powder you choose, the best way to apply it is with a soft and fluffy brush. If you’re using something like our 100% Pure Bamboo Blur Powder then we recommend the Jane Iredale Chisel Powder Brush for an even mattifying finish without drying out your skin. For more accuracy when baking, grab a pointed tip brush such as RÓEN’s Blush + Blend.

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