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Battling Oily Skin?

Here’s How to Win the War!

If you share the common struggle of having to manage an oily complexion, then I’m sure that reducing shine can be one of your biggest challenges. Fortunately, there are some special products and ingredients out there designed specifically for this purpose – making it simple to get rid of excess oil throughout the day!

Make sure to hydrate your skin everyday

Fear not, moisturizing your skin is essential! If you neglect this step, your sebaceous glands will produce additional oil to make up for the moisture shortage. However, when selecting a suitable moisturizer it’s important to consider how much oil your skin produces in order to achieve optimal results.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and slightly mattifying moisturizer, 100%Pure Tea Tree Balancing Moisturizer is the perfect choice. Formulated with all-natural herbs to fight acne and restore balance to oily or blemish-prone skin. This Tea Tree Oil Face Moisturizer supplies essential hydration thanks to calming aloe vera while peppermint oil cools inflammation and tea tree oil helps fend off bacteria. Alternatively, if you prefer something oil free but equally light on the skin then the Indie Lee Active Oil Free Moisturizer is the best pick. It contains botanicals and essential hydrators to leave your face fresh while replenishing moisture into it too!

Uncover Essential Elements

For those with oily skin or acne-prone complexions, there are certain powerful ingredients that will help reduce oiliness and shine. Salicylic Acid is an essential ingredient in this fight – it simultaneously kills bacteria, reduces sebum production and exfoliates for a deep cleanse. Totarol is another effective solution; its antibacterial properties make it a great antioxidant agent to keep your skin looking healthy. Kaolin Clay helps balance the pH of your skins surface whilst Tea Tree Oil targets blemishes directly whilst providing you long lasting protection against breakouts.

Kaolin Clay’s unique properties allow it to effectively absorb excess sebum and extract impurities from the skin. Tea Tree oil is a powerful astringent that cleanses and treats acne, while Sulfur helps with healing and regulates oily skin types. If you are in search of an ideal product for your specific needs, be sure to look out for these ingredients!

Avoid Excessive Cleansing

Despite the popular belief that frequently cleansing and exfoliating your skin can control oil production, in reality it does the exact opposite. Over-washing harms your complexion, ultimately increasing sebum output. To maintain healthy skin, stick to two washes per day: once in the morning and again at night.

Begin your look with Mattifying Primer to achieve a flawless finish.

As you settle into your ideal skin care regimen, it’s time to spruce up your beauty routine. Primer is a great first step for those with oily skin as it retexturizes the face and creates an even base for foundation application – no more shine! Make sure to look out for products that are specially designed for this type of complexion, so you can combat oil throughout the day.

Mattifying Primer is the answer for those with oily skin! Achieve a flawless look that lasts with this silicone-free primer, enriched with skin fortifying seaweed collagen. Its formula smooths away fine lines and leaves you looking fabulous without any unwanted shine. Use your fingertips to softly apply over the entire face or target areas of excess oil production like the t-zone before foundation application. You can also utilize this primer on top of makeup in case you need a midday touch up.

Utilize a Foundation Specifically Designed for Oily Skin

For your perfect, polished look, the second step is an ideal base. Bio Powder Foundation is a great choice for all skin types; it provides sheer-to-full buildable coverage with a semi-matte finish so you can get that flawless complexion you desire.

If you require a touch-up, try Mattifying Primer or Loose Superpowder Brightening Powder for the perfect matte finish. A superfine loose powder designed to give you an incredibly natural look that blurs any fine lines or skin imperfections, providing invisible coverage for a stunningly radiant complexion.

Having oily skin is incredibly common, but thankfully there are countless products out there designed to help you. To find the best one for your specific needs, make sure to stick with a recommended skincare routine and look for ingredients that target excessive oil production and give off a matte finish.

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