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Upgrade Your Beauty Routine for 2023

A Clean Makeup Routine That’ll Have You Looking and Feeling Refreshed

With the start of this new year, why not take advantage of it and transform your makeup bag with cleaner products? Say goodbye to parabens, phthalates, plastics, petroleum-based ingredients, and artificial dyes.

Ditch optical brighteners as well as synthetic fragrances and opt for a glowy natural look that is crisp yet smudgy French-girl chic.

Streamline your routine with luxurious and hardworking products like a creamy concealer, a tinted stick, and liquid liner. With this portable kit in hand, you can feel confident getting ready for any (virtual) meeting or dressing up for an evening out.

Every single item on this list is luxurious, crafted with the finest pigments and botanicals that come from the skin-care world. Not only are they effective, but their packaging also oozes sophistication and elegance.

Get Ready to Go Fresh: The Clean Makeup List is Here!

1. Get an Instant Skin Upgrade with this Natural Concealer

Achieve a glowing, naturally healthy complexion using this luxurious medium-coverage concealer that effortlessly conceals dark circles and blemishes. Your skin will look flawless without sacrificing any of its natural vitality!

2. The Perfect Brush

With the right brush, you can precisely apply concealer to give your skin a flawless finish while using less product. A brush is an indispensable tool for achieving this desired result.

3. Illuminate Your Look with Color for Lips, Cheeks, and Lids!

This cosmetically-friendly stick has a desirable, buildable burnt-rose hue that looks great on any skin tone. It’s perfect for adding hints of color to your lips, cheeks, and lids for a contoured monochrome look.

4. Transform Your Lashes With Lash Curler!

With just a few presses, this lash curler will have you looking vibrant and wide-eyed! Start at the inner corner of your eye and move outward to quickly achieve full, fluttery lashes. Whether you wear them alone or with mascara afterward, the choice is yours!

5. A Touch of Drama with Mascara

Replicate the look of fluttery, voluminous lashes with this luxurious, ultra-black mascara. This high-quality formula will provide an all-day hold that won’t smear or smudge – leaving your lashes defined and lusciously fanned out!

6. Discover the Definition of Liquid Eyeliner

The genius of this ultra-skinny-tipped liner is how effortless it is to put on. Use it during the day for a subtle, natural look (trust us, no one will be able to tell that you used makeup!) or create a showstopping cat eye at night!

7. Every Day, Shield Your Skin With Reliable Sun Protection

An essential item for your makeup bag is a highly blendable mineral sunscreen that will protect the skin and give it a dewy finish. You never know when the sun may surprise you, so be sure to keep this little tube close by—it’s like having insurance coverage against UV rays!


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