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The Best Oils To Protect Your Skin

Experience the luxurious power of Buriti Oil in your skincare routine and learn why you should incorporate it into your daily life.

Nature offers us plenty of nutrient-rich oils and extracts to help nourish our skin. We have used these natural ingredients in crafting our skin care products, such as coconut oil for its hydrating properties, jojoba oil for its sebum-like quality, and tamanu oil with its healing potential; all giving the highest level of nature’s benefits that we can provide to your skin!

At 100%Pure, we are devoted to finding the purest living ingredients that benefit your whole body – not just the skin. Our star ingredient? Buriti oil! This hydrating and anti-aging oil is used in both our skincare and color cosmetic products. Never heard of buriti oil before? Let us explain what it does for your skin and how you can incorporate this magical ingredient into your daily routine. With 100% Pure raw food-grade ingredients, feel good inside & out!

Have you heard about Buriti Oil 

Buriti oil, also called mauritia flexuosa fruit oil, is extracted from the nuts of the moriche palm tree in the Amazon in Brazil. This oil is pressed from the nuts to deliver one of the richest sources of beta-carotene known. In fact, it contains more beta-carotene than carrot oil.

Native Amazonian tribes have used buriti oil for centuries as natural sun protection for their skin. Buriti oil is great for skin because of its rich antioxidant load, plethora of fatty acids and vitamin A. As such, Buriti oil is an excellent ingredient to help smoothe, nourish, and moisturize the skin while supporting collagen and elastin production.

100%Pure sources our buriti oil directly from the Brazilian moriche palm trees where it is wildcrafted and cold pressed. This means it is hand harvested in its natural environment far from conventional farming and environmental pollution. 

Harness the power of buriti oil to nourish, hydrate and protect your skin! 

When looking for skincare products, even if the source is natural and extracted to preserve its nutrients, it’s only useful when you know what it can do for your skin. That’s why we’re meticulous about our product ingredients- if they aren’t beneficial to your health, then they don’t make it into our formulations. Buriti oil stands out among other oils due to its incredible potency; here are some of the impressive effects that this powerful ingredient has on skin:

Harness the Power of Potent Antioxidants for Total Wellbeing

Do you know what free radicals are and why they’re bad for us? Free radicals are atoms that lack an electron, making them exceedingly unstable. To make themselves whole again, these rogue molecules steal electrons from other molecules found in your skin cells which causes harm to the cell’s structure. The appearance of wrinkles, sun spots, a decrease in collagen production as well as loss of firmness can all be attributed to free radical damage.

To arm your skin against free radical damage, introduce antioxidants into your skincare regimen. Antioxidants act as a shield from the invasion of these destructive molecules; think of it like a security system for your home. Buriti oil is fortified with some powerful antioxidant properties which include high levels of Vitamin A and beta carotene content that can protect you from external aggressors such as pollution, smoke and even household cleaning chemicals – all agents of free radicals! Plus, its vitamin E and C content further strengthens this protective barrier to help keep harmful impacts at bay.


Buriti oil is loaded with antioxidants, making it an ideal ingredient to fend off damaging free radicals. Furthermore, buriti oil helps stimulate collagen production and improves skin elasticity which can lead to a more supple and youthful complexion.

As we age, the gradual slowdown of collagen production and cellular turnover leave our skin vulnerable to fine lines and wrinkles. This can cause a lack of fullness in our complexion, leading to a loss of youthful radiance. Fortunately, Vitamin A is one of nature’s greatest anti-aging remedies! When applied topically, it works its magic by transforming into natural retinol which supports elevated levels of collagen formation as well as increased cell regeneration – ultimately providing your skin with renewed suppleness and luminosity!

Bursting with Vitamin C, buriti oil is a powerful antioxidant, renowned for its ability to boost collagen production and revitalize skin elasticity.

Safeguard Your Skin with Photo-Damage Protection

Are you over thirty? Chances are that your skin is revealing signs of sun damage, such as freckles, deep wrinkles and dark spots. We have come to understand the importance of sunscreen for protecting our skin from UV rays. Yet in addition to SPF products, buriti oil can provide a powerful additional layer of defense against harmful radiation! Numerous studies have confirmed that this natural oil does indeed help protect our complexions when we venture out into the sunshine.

Nourishing and hydrating 

Buriti oil is an ideal moisturizing ingredient, due to its abundance of essential fatty acids. These enable the oil to be deeply absorbed by the skin cells and retain hydration for longer periods. Your skin’s natural balance will also return over time with this treatment. Loaded with vitamins E and A, buriti oil functions as a powerful emollient that not only hydrates but creates a thin protective barrier on your skin’s surface which seals in moisture.

Buriti oils emollient properties and oleic acid content make it an excellent skin-soothing agent. Whether your complexion is dry, chapped, flaky, red or irritated – applying a product enriched with buriti oil can provide hydration and relief from discomfort.


We all experience blemishes at some point. Unfortunately, many topical medications used to treat them can be irritating or cause dryness and peeling of the skin – making matters worse! That’s why Buriti oil is an amazingly popular plant-based alternative for those seeking to prevent breakouts. Unlike Vitamin A retinol creams or serums that are often incredibly drying and may make blemish problems worse, Buriti oil offers a gentle yet effective solution without harsh ingredients.

Buriti oil is a perfect choice for those with blemish-prone skin, due to its high concentration of vitamin A. The oils non-comedogenic properties allow it to be quickly absorbed when applied and rivals even the most potent retinol treatments prescribed for acne sufferers.

Discover the Soul-Nourishing Benefits of Buriti Oil with these Easy Steps

To add buriti oil to your daily skin care routine, look for products that contain the oil in its natural state. Buriti oil is packed with vitamins and minerals – but when it’s modified through heat extraction or refinement, many of these nutrients are lost which can lessen its effectiveness on your skin. Utilize it morning and night to get both nourishment as well as a bit of extra UV protection during the day!

At 100%Pure, we’re thrilled about buriti and feature it in many of our best-selling award-winning items. From color cosmetics to other products, here’s how you can utilize these options to enhance your skincare routine and leverage makeup for an even better outcome!

Unlock the glowing beauty of your skin with Buriti Oil Skin Care! 

Start and end your day in the best way with our favorite picks for morning and evening skin care featuring buriti oil! A single beauty oil is packed with four cold-pressed, natural oils that boast maximum potency. Let this concentrated blend of organic ingredients nourish and revitalize your skin each time you use it as part of your daily routine.

For a truly luxurious experience, use 100%Pure Oil morning and night. Not only is it lightweight and waterless, making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin types; but using this beauty oil helps to transform your complexion texture as well! Your skin will feel softer, smoother, and look more radiant than ever before – not to mention with hydration that lasts up to twelve hours without needing reapplication. And if you simply enjoy the ritual of applying oils on your skin? Feel free to dab some more on throughout the day!

For a restful sleep and beautiful skin, look no further than Kakadu Evening Beauty Elixir! Our elixir is formulated with the super-powered kakadu superfruit oil and CoQ10, along with our special adaptogenic blend of herbs to protect your skin from damage while you slumber. To top it off, we’ve added Buriti oil to seal in moisture so that when you wake up feeling refreshed nothing can stop your dazzlingly hydrated complexion!

Rejuvenate your body, soul and natural beauty with Buriti Oil Cosmetics!  

At 100%Pure, we believe in utilizing the highest quality, skin-enriching ingredients for our color cosmetics. Our founder was unwavering in her commitment to using only safe and natural components that work with your body’s chemistry. Many of these products contain cold-pressed buriti oil sourced from unprocessed food grade items. So without further ado – here are some of our favorite cosmetic products made with this amazing ingredient!


 Get ready to glow with Luminizer, the pinnacle of skin highlighting creams! Our formula is enriched with buriti oil and provides superior hydration for a dewy finish that looks amazing without filters. Illuminate your complexion and achieve natural radiance in no time – all you need is one product!


Instead of giving your skin balance and hydration, standard foundation often creates a cakey, thick layer that covers the face. Our Foundation is uniquely crafted with cold-centrifuged organic coconut oil, wild-crafted buriti oil as well as an exotic blend of adaptogenic herbs to effectively moisturize while also creating a flawless complexion. With this product you can have confidence in knowing that your skin will be left looking smooth and healthy!

Our Buriti Bronzer is the perfect way to get a naturally sun-kissed look without compromising your skin health. This cream based bronzing formula features buriti oil as its star ingredient and provides an effortless, healthy glow to any complexion – plus it can even be used as a luminizer for darker skin tones! Get ready for beautiful, radiantly glowing skin today with our nourishing Buriti Bronzer.

Introducing Lip2Cheek: the ultimate multi-tasking cosmetic. Not only does it add a natural hint of color to your lips and cheeks, it also deeply nourishes them with buriti oil, shea butter and cocoa butter for incredibly soft results that look youthful and refreshed. With just one sweep you can achieve an effortlessly radiant complexion that’s perfect for any occasion!

Final Words

Ultimately, Buriti Oil is an amazing component to consider when creating skin and cosmetic care products. However, be sure the oil has been meticulously obtained and that it contains all its vitamins and minerals. Thankfully, 100%Pure offers many items with wild-crafted cold-pressed buriti oil that will not only keep your skin safe but also improve its health!

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