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Vibrant Bar: Lift and Sculpt Your Skin

Experience Visible Results Within Weeks

Constructing the perfect makeup kit requires more than a few products; it’s about stocking your shelves with all of those items that will make you look and feel confident.

From gentle cleansers to nourishing moisturizers, sheet masks for hydration, and eye cream to target dark circles – don’t forget the many varieties of eye drops! When done right, an ideal makeup kit should be truly comprehensive.

I am always prepared for anything and everything. I used to even carry those icy packs that boxers utilize in the middle of a fight! Two years ago, while traveling around Japan, I came across an incredibly effective 24-karat gold-plated T Bar which was all the rage when it came to facials.

In Japan there is a deeply revered tradition regarding metals and more specifically gold with skincare routine; they use masks along with this special bar over them as part of their facial treatment ritual.

Here in the United States, we often use face sculpting bars for a special purpose. After I personally tried it out, I observed that it could make an impressive–albeit temporary–difference to your facial features.

It can be exciting as well when you decide to just do one side of your face and then take a look at yourself in the mirror!

How to Use a T-Bar

When it comes to using a gold bar, there is only one absolute truth: never put on foundation prior. The purpose of this tool is specifically to prep your skin and should not be used after you have applied your makeup.

Doing so will push the foundation into your pores and cause ingredients in the foundation to turn a greenish color when interacting with the gold. After that point, all other rules are yours!

To make the rolling process smoother, you may use a drop of oil or moisturizer on your skin; however, it is essential to get the right amount of friction and glide. I find that too much oil creates slippery surfaces, while moisturizers offer just enough slip for me. On the other hand, my daughter’s case is different—she doesn’t need anything extra when using her roller!

For best results, use the bar for about ten to fifteen minutes a day. Though any amount of time will do! To really bring out your jawline or sculpt that perfect look, feel free to utilize it twice daily – once in the morning and again before you head out at night.

It’s a great tool for both men and women who want to style their hair effectively without spending hours on styling products and techniques.

Whether you’re male or female and regardless of your preference for oil, moisturizer, or nothing at all, the moves below will help you get started. But don’t be afraid to let yourself go! There’s no such thing as a wrong move here.

Experiment freely to find the look that suits you best; swaying side-to-side can surprisingly make a world of difference when seen through the mirror—it’s quite remarkable!

For Your Radiant Cheekbones

Beginning from the jaw, delicately press up with your bar to shape and contour your cheeks. Continue for five minutes per side of your face, only pushing upward towards the temple—never downward! We tend to get additional puffiness around our mouth down toward our ear, so by pushing upwards, we can help smooth this out.

For a Sleek Chin and Jawline

Begin your massage along the jawline, delicately pushing the bar inward towards the neck and beneath it. Invest five minutes in this process, moving from one area of your chin to another as you go.

Reduce Necklines

To diminish the tech-neck lines, use your index finger and thumb to delicately expand the skin on both sides of the area. Then, rapidly move up and down in a vertical motion with a bar to help reduce their appearance.

Technology-induced wrinkles, or “tech-neck lines,” are becoming an unfortunately recognizable phenomenon for those who spend prolonged amounts of time staring down at their devices.

Fill In Your Eyebrows

Alter the bar to a vertical orientation, then press down firmly between your eyebrows. Not only will it feel wonderful at that pressure point under the brow, but it’ll help iron out any lines in that area!

If You Have Botox or Filler

Utilizing the gold bar should not disrupt any fillers or Botox that you have had. There might be some minor tweaks here and there, however, my experience has been that it does not affect them at all. Although if this still makes you uneasy, I suggest avoiding those areas where treatments were done as a precaution.


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