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Appearing to be nothing more than a simple, hydrating gel-mousse made of flowers, this high-performance skin care wonder is really something quite extraordinary.

Make the most of your beauty sleep with this luxuriously exquisite flower face mask. After overnight use, you’ll be left with a plump and glowing complexion that is silky soft to the touch! Dive into dreamland knowing when you awake, your skin will appear refreshed and renewed.

The secret behind the unparalleled success of this mask, which works on all skin types, is its blend of different hyaluronic acid molecules to volumize and revive your complexion. Furthermore, a combination of strategic components such as probiotics are utilized to support the natural barrier created by your skin!

This lightweight, cooling mask has a delightful floral scent that dissipates as soon as the gel-cream melts into your skin. It will leave your face feeling wonderfully soothed and soft, with just one application per week; however it’s gentle enough to be used nightly should you require extra hydration for your complexion.

Start your ritual by spritzing your cleansed skin with rose water and massage the mask into it. You have two options: fully wash off in the morning or, for extra hydration, break down and emulsify the mask using a few sprays of floral essence on your fingers then pat dry – this is especially effective if you have dry skin as there are plenty of humectant ingredients present.

The following day, keep nourishing your skin. Nurture it from the inside out with nutrient-rich meals and supplements – try adding G.Tox Superpowder for an extra dose of potent antioxidants to protect against free radicals!

Hair Time 

Pamper your hair with nourishment in the shower. To keep your locks looking healthy and shiny, avoid products that are drying, damaging or filled with chemicals. Instead opt for a gentle cleanse and hydration routine – you won’t believe how great it will look! And don’t forget to enjoy the amazing smell of freshly washed tresses!

You’ll want to follow up your shower with an ultra-effective serum that helps protect against UV light and other environmental damage. The next step is a high-tech cream designed for revitalizing the outer layers of skin, which are most vulnerable to dehydration. When those top layers don’t have enough hydration, you’re left with dryness and dullness in complexion. A gentle yet effective barrier that won’t leave silicones behind can give you unbelievably soft skin without compromising breathability or flexibility – plus double as a primer by providing a smooth surface primed for makeup!


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