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Waking Up Tired Eyes

Tips for When You Can’t Get Rid of Those Puffy Eyes

Although they have different causes, insomnia, overindulgence, and allergies all result in puffy eyes, redness, and dark circles. Here are some hacks to treat these common eye problems:

1. Cold Products

It can take down some puffiness and swelling, just as it does for any other kind of bruising. Try to keep your eye cream and serum chilled in the fridge, or use a cold gel-filled eye mask.

If those aren’t options, simply place teabags or cucumbers (anything cold) on your eyes for three minutes. The key is in the coolness.

2. Moisture

Every makeup artist starts by applying eye cream (or moisturizer) to the under-eyes before anything else. It fills in lines, smooths the area, and makes you look more awake.

This is true even if you have oily skin: The undereye area does not produce oil like the rest of your face. If you always moisturize under your eyes, you will need less concealer and foundation overall.

3. Eye Massage

By smoothing the eye cream into your skin, you can help reduce puffiness. To turbo-charge that process, use an eye cream product with sonic waves that press the cream into your skin and also help to press away some of the puffiness.

Or, if you don’t have one of those products available, just use a regular face brush when washing your face. It may not be as effective in reducing puffiness, but it is still more effective than any other cleansing brush/scrub/washcloth out there.

4. Eye Drops

If you have red eyes and would like to get rid of the redness, your favorite eyedrops can help.

5. Concealer

Rubbing will only make things worse, Pat. If you have serious dark circles, use a thin concealer first with a brush or sponge applicator before going in with a thicker pot-type concealer. It may sound like using too much product at once, but trust me—if used sparingly, it will create the illusion of naturally uncircled undereyes.

6. Eye Makeup

By focusing on other areas, you can actually make your eyelashes look longer. Finish with a natural mascara that will give your lashes volume and definition.

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