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Wanting to Have Perfect And Defined Brows? 

A Guide to Beautiful Brows

Up your brow game and create a look that will turn heads! This easy-to-follow technique can quickly transform the shape and definition of your eyebrows for an unbeatable finish. Days when you want to stand out from the crowd have never been easier – all it takes is this simple method for perfect, wow-worthy brows.


Make your eyebrows stand out by tracing them with Fruit Pigmented® Long Last Concealer with Super Fruits or Circle Delete Concealer using the Duo Brow Spoolie Brush. This brush will help you craft a thin, neat line! For best results, opt for a concealer shade two shades lighter than your skin tone.


Accentuate your brow line with the Super Fine Eyebrow Pencil, blending feathery strokes to fill any sparse spots. For an even more personalized look, try combining two different shades! Thanks to its wax-based formula, this long lasting pencil smooths onto skin and won’t smudge – simply use the spoolie brush attached for a flawless finish.


Give your brows a personalized hue and add dimension with Long Last Brows and the Duo Brow Spoolie Brush. The stiff bristles provide you control, easily depositing color for an attractive outcome that adds depth to your look. Through this step, pigment is softened to give off a naturally beautiful set of eyebrows.


Gently sweep the concealer outward to seamlessly blend it with your foundation. Next, delicately pat the edges of the concealer in with your finger to ensure that everything is blended together perfectly.

5th SET

Tame your brows and make them last through the day with PureBrow Brow Gel. If you have some gray hairs peeking out, touch up quickly and easily using Root Concealer Touch Up Stick for a polished finish.

Brow wax is an ideal choice for those with coarse hair, as it offers a powerful hold that allows the hairs to lay flat and creates extra definition. You don’t need much either – just a dab will do. For gentler styling, brow gel can also be used; it gives you light to medium control while still allowing your eyebrows their natural shape. Whether you go with wax or gel, make sure not to apply too liberally – sometimes less really is more when it comes to beauty products.

To achieve the perfect natural brows, follow our step-by-step tutorial.

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