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Ways to Make Your Lip Gloss Last Longer

How to Prolong Lip Gloss Wear

Your favorite lip gloss is amazing, but it doesn’t last very long. Lip gloss is a fan favorite, but it’s not known for being durable. You may find yourself reapplying multiple times per day, or even having to buy it on auto-ship from your favorite retailer.

In 2022, the team at 100% Pure set out to improve lip gloss. We love lip gloss and couldn’t bear to part with it, so we went to work in the studio (also known as our lab) to figure out how we could make it last longer.

Why a Fabulous Gloss is Essential

If you’re somebody who likes to stick with the basics, you might not think you need lip gloss. However, we believe that it’s worth your while to consider adding one to your collection for an extra bit of shine. A decent quality lip gloss can become a versatile product that can be used on its own or in combination with lipstick.

Here are three reasons why a great quality gloss should always be in your makeup bag.

  • Lip Gloss Is Quick and Easy

Applying lip gloss is a much easier process than lipstick and can often give you just as good of results. Most of the time, all you need to do is swipe or dab some gloss on your lips, press them together, and voilà! You’ve got shiny and slightly-colored lips that can help finish off a basic makeup look.

  • Lip Gloss Is Moisturizing 

Wearing lipstick every day can take a toll on your lips, causing them to become dry, chapped, and cracked. Many traditional lipsticks contain ingredients that cause the lips to peel. Lipstick generally contains more wax than natural oils— meaning the color will stay put on your lips but won’t offer the same level of hydration as oils would.

  •  Lip Gloss Has Multiple Uses

If you’re tired of the same old lipstick shades, try using a lip gloss! It can change up your look by creating new shades and textures. You can also mix different glosses together to create unique colors. For an extra touch of glamour, apply a luminizer in the center of your lips after putting on the lip gloss.

If you still haven’t caved and gotten lip gloss, now is the time. Lip glosses are an essential tool for anyone who loves lipstick. However, that problem of it not staying on your lips long enough still exists.

Why Lip Gloss Fades Quickly

Applying lip gloss can often be a fruitless task, as most of it is absorbed by your lips within minutes. If you’re someone who hates having to constantly reapply makeup throughout the day, this can leave you feeling frustrated and annoyed.

Long-wearing lip glosses often rely on thickening agents and petroleum jelly to make them stay stuck to your lips, but this not only creates discomfort. The ingredients are also dangerous.

Here’s the mystery behind why your lip glosses always vanish.

Too Much Wax

Unlike lip gloss, your lipstick contains more pigment and wax. Wax doesn’t seep into your lips like oils; instead, it creates a protective barrier around the pigments to keep them in place.

The reason lipstick is usually less hydrating than lip gloss has to do with the type of wax used. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. Natural beeswax, for example, can actually hydrate lips while simultaneously creating a seal. Carnauba wax also provides protection and moisture that other synthetic waxes lack.

It Gets Removed

Because lip gloss doesn’t contain the same ingredients as lipstick that help it adhere to your lips, it is much more likely to get wiped off, brushed away, or licked from your lips with just a simple conversation.

If your lipgloss is goopy and sticky, you’ll end up removing excess hair and food particles from it frequently. If this occurs often enough, you might start to lose some of the color on your lips.

Long-Wear Gloss Is Hard to Find

It’s tough to find a lip gloss that will last all day. This is because traditional lipsticks contain silicone oil (a.k.a dimethicone), which creates lasting color and wearability but also dehydrates the lips and causes the pigments in the lipstick to seal to their surface instead of hydrate or heal them.

The dehydrating factor in silicone oil is why you’ll find it lipid-based matte finish lipsticks. However, it’s difficult to produce a product that is expected to shine (i.e. lip gloss) when the main ingredient dries out and eliminates shine.

Make Your Lip Gloss Last All Day

Don’t you just hate it when your lip gloss starts to wear off? It’s so frustrating! But don’t worry, we have five easy tips that will help keep your gloss in place all day long. These tips are developed by professionals, so you know they work!

  • Apply Lip Liner

A lip liner helps your gloss stay in place and can also help prevent bleeding and feathering. You can also use a liner all over your lips as a foundation for your gloss. Some liners can be dehydrating, so be careful when choosing one. Look for an oil-based liner to avoid drying out your lips.

If you want to look more sophisticated, avoid drawing your lips in an obvious shade and filling them with clear gloss. This is a tired trend that will make you look like a Spice Girl instead.

  • Consider A Powder

We know it sounds weird, but adding a light layer of powder to your lips can actually help your lip gloss last longer! Just make sure to use a good-quality natural powder that won’t dry out your lips.

For example, talc can dried-out your lips and potentially be harmful if ingested. A better option would be to use a powder that consists of natural materials which sit on top of your lips without coloring them. 

If you’re considering using a lip primer, don’t! They often contain hidden ingredients that aren’t good for your lips and may even cause chapping or cracking. Instead, go with raw coconut oil to prepare your lips–it won’t damage them.

  • Apply It Over A Sticky Lipstick 

If you want your lip gloss to last, then your best bet is to use a lipstick that has good staying power. A natural lipstick that contains ingredients that make it stay put will help your lip gloss hold on longer than if you were just wearing it by itself.

If you love your original lipstick, try covering it with a clear gloss. You can also mix shades by adding a complementary color of lip gloss over top of your favorite lipstick shade.

  • Prep Your Lips with a Balm

If you want your lips to look their best, make sure they’re hydrated before you apply any lip gloss. Otherwise, the product will just soak into your skin instead of giving you that desired shine.

A lip balm that contains both coconut oil and beeswax is an ideal base for applying lip gloss. The coconut oil saturates your lips, while the beeswax creates a barrier, sealing in moisture to prevent the gloss from being absorbed.

Originally, beeswax was used in beehives to preserve honey. Since it has protective qualities that destroy harmful microorganisms, it’s also great for your lips.

  • Invest In a High-Quality Gloss

If you want your lip gloss to both look good and last, you need to start with a high-quality formula–not something from the drug store. Drug store brands use cheap, mass-produced ingredients that often feel goopy and sticky.

Instead of using a traditional lip gloss, opt for one made with natural ingredients that will actually moisturize and improve your lips. 100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Lip Gloss is made with top notch natural ingredients. Just apply once for hours of hydration, subtle color,  and long-lasting wear.

Gloss It Up! 

While lip gloss can give your lips a lovely shine, it doesn’t last as long as some other products.

Making sure your lips are healthy and hydrated is the best way to increase the longevity of your lip gloss. Look for a quality, plant-based option with nourishing ingredients to get the most out of your product.

It’s 2022, so don’t bother with lip glosses that won’t stay put. The 100% Pure selection is your best bet for products that last a long time without containing any harsh chemicals or ingredients that could damage your lips or harm your health.

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