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We Tried a Crystal Face Roller

Are Crystal Face Rollers Worth Using?

Squeezed into a center seat, I fought off sleep for six hours straight. When we arrived at my destination, I had less than 30 minutes to make it to the 10 a.m. meeting – with no opportunity to freshen up in an airport bathroom or de-frizz my tousled hair. Even changing out of wrinkly plane clothes was impossible!

After just ten short minutes, I touched down. My skin felt dull, and I appeared overly bloated—a sign of the inactivity during my flight. To combat this feeling, it’s recommended to take a brisk walk up and down the aisle every hour or so for exercise.

The air on planes is often dry due to its high altitude, which can cause our complexions to become dehydrated over time; luckily, there are plenty of hydrating skincare products that help bring back your natural glow!

If I had the time, I’d dash around the block to get a rosy complexion. But instead, I reach for my trusty rose quartz face roller and face oil that always go everywhere with me; everyone’s been talking about the face roller lately— it’s finally put to the test!

The Rose Quartz Face Roller Experience

I delicately layer the oil on my skin and, with one hand gripping the roller, gradually roll it from my chin to my cheeks. The quartz feels like a cool embrace as I glide it slowly up my face.

Onwards I move to my forehead until eventually I find myself sinking into my seat in complete serenity – even the driver taking notice of me through his rearview mirror! Its almost as if pleasure radiates from both sun and stone combined together creating an indescribable experience for me!

I start rolling the small, dual-sided roller from the center of my forehead to both sides. The oil makes the process even smoother, and as I roll it across my eyelids and under my eyes, it gently pushes in all those powerful ingredients for maximum absorption.

I feel a remarkable change in my mindset; the stress has vanished, and I am invigorated. My face is almost glowing! It’s as though I just finished an intense run or yoga session. The sensation of calmness that has engulfed me allows me to be fully alert for the upcoming meeting—ready to tackle it head on!

The secret to my success with the roller goes beyond home—it travels in tow! I love storing it overnight in the refrigerator, as its chilled surface feels invigorating against my skin.

It is also imperative for me when riding cabs; a few gentle swipes of the roller across my cheeks, forehead, and temples leaves me feeling cool, calm, and collected with an illuminated complexion that radiates joy from within.

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