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10 Makeup Tricks for Your Wedding Day

10 Wedding Makeup Tricks That Work

On your big day, you just want to look your absolute best. But why not try to feel that stunning and radiant on a daily basis? With wedding makeup, the goal is optimizing each photograph—something perfect in our always-on society of Snapchatting and selfiing. Investing in quality cosmetics can help you achieve this beautiful glow all week long!

Ultimately, wedding makeup should be resistant to smudging, or, in other words, tear-proof. This is also desirable for all facets of life; whether you tend to tear up quickly, take part in strenuous activities such as hot yoga classes, suffer from allergies, and more.

Many brides are looking for a “classic pretty” look on their wedding day. This can mean anything from minimal makeup to natural-looking red lipstick if that’s your style! It should always be about enhancing what you already have, not trying too hard.

For the perfect finish, opt for flawless skin with a rosy flush – regardless of whether you prefer an understated or bolder look!

1. Lighting is Everything!

For the most accurate application of makeup, situate yourself in a bright, windowed area. If you don’t have access to this type of space, grab a hand mirror and venture outdoors for some natural light—it will never deceive or mislead! With its illuminating truthfulness, Mother Nature is sure to give you an honest reflection that can be relied on every time.

2. Make an Inspo Board

Before you start your makeup routine, whether alone or with a professional or friend’s help, take the time to explore images that are inspiring.

You can bring pictures of yourself and any models or celebrities whose looks appeal to you. That way you will be able to easily visualize what effect works for you and guide those helping in achieving it.

3. Treat Your Brows

Treat yourself to a professional eyebrow appointment. A refined brow will stay in place for weeks, so plan ahead and make your first visit a few months before the big day. Then have them done once more the next day to ensure you like the outcome.

That way, if any redness arises afterward, there’s time for it to settle down! Finally, on your wedding day itself, use pencils or shadows of your choice combined with an eyebrow gel for subtle enhancement around your face.

4. Natural Smokey Eye

If you want to look like you’re wearing no makeup but still add some subtle definition to your eyes, try this trick! The night before, heavily line the area around your eyes with a brown or black pencil.

Don’t be afraid of overdoing it—go overboard and apply an exaggerated amount of product to the base of your lashes, then gently wipe it off. This will leave a little bit that lasts for days! It’s perfect for those who don’t normally wear any products on their face and also great for everyone else as well.

5. Light Coverage

Whether you’re a fan of dramatic eyes and lips or subtle makeup, it’s vital to apply a light foundation and use concealer only where necessary. We want our skin to radiate; we don’t desire to cover up its natural beauty!

6. Curl Your Lashes

If you’re looking for a little extra depth in your eye makeup, why not add more liner to the line from last night?

Even if you don’t typically curl your lashes, try it—the combination of residual liner and curled lashes looks amazing without being heavy or detectable as makeup. You’ll be surprised at how much of an impact this small trick can make!

7. Natural Eyes 

For a beautiful wedding look, opt for natural-looking mascara and shadow. I’d suggest selecting a soft mauve cappuccino shade – it will make your eyes stand out without looking overly made up.

Utilize a gentle brush to apply the color lightly all over the lids: start lighter closer to the nose and then darken in the crease area of your eyelid. If you want an even more intense effect, darken the outer corners of both the upper and lower lids. With this subtle technique, you’ll be sure to look effortlessly stunning!

8. Cream for the Win

Cream blush is the perfect choice for anyone looking to instantly reinvigorate their complexion. For an effortless, natural-looking flush and inner glow, simply blend cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Darker-skinned brides should opt for a sugar plum sheer color for a gorgeously pigmented look; those with lighter skin should choose a pink grapefruit glow to achieve the same radiant result.

9. Touch Ups are Key

For a matte finish to your makeup, try using light amounts of powder or mattifying sheets. Avoid looking sweaty by not overdoing it; focus on only dusting the t-zone with loose powder and pack either a small compact or mattifying sheet for touch-ups during the day. Both options are surefire ways to keep unwanted shine away without draining life from your skin!

10. Get Luscious Lips 

When it comes to your lips, do what you love. Whether that be a lip gloss, lipstick, or stain, the choice is yours! There’s no need to stress about how long-lasting your product will be either as all kissing tends to wear off color and texture throughout the day. You know yourself best, so go with something that makes you feel comfortable re-applying and looks most beautiful on you!

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