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What Dehydrated And Hydrated Skin Feels LIke

Are you curious about the contrast between dehydrated and hydrated skin? 

Chances are, up to 90% of us experience some type of skin dehydration. But you may not be aware since the clues for dehydrated skin go beyond simply dry and flaky patches. To help guide your skincare journey, listed below are a few differences between hydrated and dehydrated skin!

Healthy and Well-Hydrated Skin?

Achieve the dream of a youthful complexion – have smooth, dewy skin with excellent elasticity and healthy plumpness. Rejuvenate your appearance with supple, clear, even-toned skin!

Experience the Feeling of Hydrated Skin:

Experience a soothing, hydrating sensation without any discomfort or irritation!

If You Have Dehydrated Skin, Here’s What to Look For:

Unappealing red patches, dry flakes, congested creases and an uneven complexion

The Effect of Dehydrated Skin:

Cracked and Inflamed Skin, Uncomfortably Tight.

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