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What is a Makeup Sponge, and What Are Its Uses?

Makeup Sponge: A Versatile Tool

If you’re of a certain age, the idea of using a makeup sponge may sound ancient. However, sponges have come a long way and they are now an essential tool in any beauty bag.

The 100% Pure makeup sponge is safe, closely mimics skin-to-skin application, and will give you perfect makeup blends. Here, we’ll also show you how to keep your makeup sponges clean.

What Is A Makeup Sponge? 

A makeup sponge is a soft, gentle tool you can use to apply your liquid and cream makeup products. Makeup sponges vary in quality and material, so be sure to find one that meets your needs without containing common skin irritants like latex.

Sponges made from skin-safe foam are ideal for sensitive skin. Our sponge is made of antimicrobial foam to be gentle on all skin types and to eliminate bacteria.

The Purpose of A Makeup Sponge

A makeup sponge might appear to be excess if you’re a professional with your emails, but it can actually help you achieve a smoother finish, blur harsh lines and even use less product.

The Showdown: Sponges Vs. Brushes

Brushes and sponges are two very different tools; you cannot compare them. While there are brushes designed to apply liquid products to your skin, they operate using a different application technique.

If you want an easy way to blend your makeup without any streaks, then a makeup sponge is ideal for beginners or anyone who wants a fuss-free solution.

Beauty Blender and Makeup Sponges: Are They The Same? 

Yes and no. The beauty blender sponge is the newest type of makeup sponge. If you’re doubtful about its effectiveness in comparison to the old pull-apart wedges, don’t worry—it’s an upgrade! Here are a few reasons why:

  1. These sponges are designed to be used with wet makeup products. To use, dampen the sponge with warm water and squeeze out the excess before dipping it into your chosen liquid makeup product. To avoid waste, apply the product to the back of your hand first, then pick up some product with the sponge.
  2. Not only are they reusable, but makeup sponges can also be rinsed with a mild soap and reused multiple times. This creates less product waste, saves money, and saves space in your cabinet – unlike the wedge which would have to be thrown out after each use.
  3. What sets 100% Pure’s Non Latex Makeup Sponge apart is its design. The top of the sponge has a swirl texture that applying makeup with your fingers. Also, the bottom of the sponge is rounded while the top above it angled– giving you better coverage in tight areas like under your eyes and around your nose corners. Consequently, this unique design results in a more flawless makeup look.

Although those little wedges were typically made of latex or other materials, beauty blenders are often made with safer foam that is gentle on the skin.

Can I Apply Powder Products With A Makeup Sponge?

A thousand tutorials may tell you to use a sponge to “bake” your makeup (i.e. applying powder over your liquid products to set them) but this usually results in a cake-like effect that makes your skin look dry, powdery, and artificial.

It’s best to use a brush to apply powder products. You’ll get a softer, more translucent finish and avoid getting your powder products damp from the sponge.

What is the Purpose of a Makeup Sponge?

If you can learn how to utilize a makeup sponge effectively, you can produce incredible results with your liquid and cream-based products. Here’s our guide on how to use makeup sponges like a professional artist.


Follow these easy steps to apply foundation flawlessly using a makeup sponge: 

After you’ve applied your moisturizer, lightly dampen the sponge and pick up some product from the back of your hand. 

Use gentle, upward swipes to begin applying foundation to your face. Gently bounce (don’t press) the sponge on your skin as you go along; this will help avoid streaks and give you a smooth finish.


To use a concealer like an expert, employs a makeup sponge. Using the small end of the sponge, take the concealer from the back of your hand and lightly tap it on places that need coverage. No matter if you require full or lightweight coverage, the makeup sponge can be really helpful.


With a makeup sponge, you will achieve the most natural-looking makeup finish and blur any lines. The larger, rounded edges on the sponge are perfect for this!)

Cream and Liquid Products

If you’re using a makeup sponge, stick to liquid or cream-based products for the best results. In fact, if you find it difficult to apply cream blush correctly, a makeup sponge will help make the process much simpler.

To use your sponge, lightly press into the cream product and dab it onto your cheeks until desired coverage is achieved. Then blend out any harsh edges for a natural look.


Not only is our sponge  perfect for liquid products, but it’s great for powder items as well.

How Often Should You Clean Your Makeup Sponge?

To keep your sponge clean, rinse it under the tap after each use and squeeze it until the water runs clear. Once a week, deep clean your sponge using a mild makeup brush soap, mild natural shampoo, or even a mild natural dish soap. 

Just remember to use only one small drop of cleaner; otherwise, you won’t be able to get all of the soap out of your sponge.

The Best Way to Clean a Makeup Sponge

Cleaning a dirty sponge is easy, and most of the time you only need water to get it clean. Most sponges eventually end up with makeup stains, but that’s okay – a stain doesn’t mean the sponge is actually dirty. 

When cleansing your sponge, use mild dish soap or a makeup brush cleanser instead of wasting your skin cleanser.

Always avoid placing your sponge in the dishwasher or washing machine as the aggressive cleaners can damage it. If you’re looking to cleanse it, simply use mild soap and water instead. Internal lather from harsher soaps will be incredibly difficult to remove otherwise. 

Additionally, never place your makeup sponge in the microwave as this will more often than not damage it–contrary to popular belief among some Tik Tok videos.

Big Vs Small Makeup Sponges

Most makeup sponges come in a standard size that provides the advantage of both a smaller edge for detail work and a wider base for blending. If you find it easy to use the sponge, then that is probably the perfect size for you.

In Conclusion

Makeup sponges have become more refined over the years and can now assist you with tasks such as base makeup, contouring, and adding dimension to your concealer.

When searching for a good sponge, make sure to find one made of soft material so it will be gentle on your skin. Additionally, look for sponges that come in various shapes—such as a wide base or pointed tip—to help you apply even the most challenging liquid foundations evenly.

If you’re looking to perfect your makeup application, consider using a blending sponge. RMS Beauty provides some of the best sponges on the market, as well as clean and green cosmetics to use with them.

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