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What Lip Balm Is Really For

The Advantages of Lip Balm

We all know how important lip balm is. It’s one of those things you can’t leave home without, right up there with your cell phone. When your lips get dry and cracked, a layer of lip balm seems like the perfect solution… but is it really?

After applying lip balm countless times throughout the day, you may question its efficacy. Although it can help heal chapped lips, too much of a good thing might leave you with the opposite desired effect.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the frequently asked questions about lip balm. We’ll also explain what it is, how it differs from lip gloss, and give you tips on picking out your favorite product.

What is Lip Balm?

Lip balm is unique from other lip products because it mainly focuses on moisturizing the lips and providing healing/restorative properties. 

Lip balms are also known to be helpful in keeping your lips hydrated by creating a seal over them with their waxy substance, which consequently helps lock in moisture. 

You’ll find that most lip balms contain either natural hydrating ingredients like coconut oil, or synthetic ones like petroleum jelly–or both!

Although you can find medicated lip balms, they often contain ingredients that can be addictive. But before any lip balm is put on the market, it needs to go through a process of formulation, testing, and manufacturing. Did you ever wonder where all of this began?

The Invention of Lip Balm 

Some argue over when the first lip balm was created, with some believing that ear wax served as an early type of emollient. However, we do know that Charles Fleet, a pharmacist from Virginia, came up with a recipe for preventing dry lips in the late 1800s.

Fleet was a pharmacist whose eventual recipe for pink-waxy substance helped his townspeople to avoid cracking, bleeding lips. He sold the recipe, and though the product went through redesigns, lip balm as we know it today was created.

What Sets Lip Balm and Gloss Apart?

Lip balm is typically thicker and more emollient than lip gloss, making it ideal for hydration and protection against dryness or chapping. Additionally, they typically have fewer ingredients than lip glosses, which may make them better suited for those with sensitive skin.

Lip gloss generally has a shinier finish and can be used to add sheer color or drama to your lips. 

What Are Some Uses For Lip Balm?

Your lip balm does more than just hydrate and smooth your lips – it’s also multifunctional! Here are some of our favorite hacks for using lip balm.

Cuticle Relaxer 

Have you ever had a moment where you take a look at your cuticles and think to yourself, “Wow, these are dry.” If so, I have the solution for you: some good ol’ fashioned lip balm. Not only does it soften the skin around your nails making them easy to remove, but it also acts as a shield against visible cuticle damage!

Makeup Remover

Have you ever tried to remove your makeup at the end of a long day, only to find that it won’t budge? Well, if you have lip balm with coconut oil (or another waxy ingredient) in it, you can use that as an effective makeup remover! The wax will help break down the other ingredients in your makeup so that they come off easily with a tissue.

Hand Lotion

If you have chapped hands and no hand lotion, quickly grab your lip balm. Apply a pea size amount to the front and back of each dry hand. Massage the ointment in until it’s completely absorbed for almost instant relief!

Brow Gel 

Never fear, your unruly brows can be tamed with a bit of lip balm! Simply apply it as you would gel, and in addition to keeping your hairs in place the lip balm will also nourish them for healthy looking growth.

Manage Flyaways

Would yo rather have smooth, flyaway-free hair or suffer from constant frizz? If your date night look was ruined by some pesky flyaways, don’t worry! You can simply use lip balm to tame them.

Is Lip Balm Harming Your Lips?

Though it’s beneficial in many ways, using lip balm too frequently might not be the best idea. Let’s explore this topic further.

Is Lip Balm Really Necessary?

Although people tend to think that drinking water will suffice, many times it is not enough to keep your lips hydrated. In fact, dry lips can be an indication of a lack of essential fatty acids. Using lip balm is a fast and straightforward method to bring the hydration your lips are lacking directly to them.

Is Lip Balm Addicting? 

On a surface level, yes

It’s not uncommon to be addicted to your lip balm, as some formulas include chemicals that act as addictive agents, like menthol, phenol, and salicylic acid. If you find yourself using your lip balm more often than usual throughout the day, it may be time to switch up your formula.

If you find that you have to use the product more often than intended, then it is not working properly. The product works as intended when hits are spaced out appropriately.

There’s no need to use lip balms with synthetic chemicals. You can find healthy, organic ingredients in your food and apply those same principles to choosing a lip balm.

How Frequently Should I Apply Lip Balm?

Depending on how dry or chapped your lips are, you may need to apply lip balm multiple times a day until they have healed. To help with the healing process, make sure to drink lots of water and consume foods rich in essential fatty acids.

After your lips have returned to normal, you will only need to apply lip balm as needed – most likely two or three times per day.

What is the Best Lip Balm For You?

Ingredients in some lip balms can actually be harmful to your lips. Look for natural ingredients when shopping for a new lip balm, as well as avoid any that contain synthetic chemicals, colors, fragrances, or addictive substances. By using a nature-based lip balm, you’re more likely to find one that hydrates and protects your lips while also promoting healing. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite clean lip balms below so that finding the perfect one is quick and easy!

When determining which lip balm to apply every day, it is crucial to consider the ingredients. The substances used in the product affect your lips and health as a whole. 

What sets 100% Pure apart in the clean beauty industry are our cleaner, greener living ingredients that can be found in all of our products–even lip balms.

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