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What You Need To About Plant Stem Cells

Stem Cell

At 100% Pure, they are truly enthralled by the power of plant stem cells and their ability to create astonishing results. As a result, they’ve developed an entire line featuring these potent ingredients – for example Seaberry Moisturizer- that you may already be familiar with. Furthermore, this remarkable technology is also found in another revolutionary product from 100% Pure: Citystem. By using plant stem cell technology, it helps protect your skin against environmental damage caused by pollution!

Scientific research shows us that particle size holds the key to understanding how damaging pollution can be for our overall health. Particles smaller than 10 micrometers are particularly worrisome, as they can penetrate into your throat and nose, even making it all the way through to your lungs! It is essential that we take proactive measures against such small particles in order to safeguard ourselves from potential harm.

The size of particles matters little when it comes to comprehending how air pollution affects our skin. Regardless if they are small or large, these pollutants can penetrate the barrier that usually protects us from such dangers and harm our follicles in turn. To ensure we take care of ourselves properly, this comprehension around pollution damage requires a heightened sense of awareness for its impact on overall health – something Citystem has been studying intently. As a result, four core principles have emerged as integral components during their development process:

  • Shielding skin cells from the infiltration of contaminants.
  • Eliminating and detoxifying harmful oxidizing substances
  • Enhancing the protective power of your skin barrier to keep it healthy and resilient.
  • Rejuvenating Cellular Metabolism

By uniting four pillars, Citystem was born and has displayed immediate as well as long-term results in maintaining optimal skin health. As part of a clinical study, participants observed smoother skin texture, an invigorating radiance to the complexion and a purified look. You may be new to this topic of pollution harm that could appear overwhelming when attempting to comprehend your daily skincare regimen; however, don’t let it intimidate you – with the help from Citystem i can assist in restoring your gorgeous glow!

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