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What’s all the Buzz about BB & CC Creams?

BB vs CC Creams

Do you want to know the difference between BB and CC creams, as compared with other skincare products? Are you looking for advice on what specific type of product would be best suited for your skin? Let us help make this decision easier by providing an overview of when to use each cream so that you can get the makeup results or skin benefits that are right for you.

BB and CC creams are essential foundations with prettier names: BB stands for beauty balm, while CC means cover and correct. Most of these products have SPF protection, which is excellent, though they’re usually made with chemical SPFs that degrade in sunlight, so you’ll need to reapply every couple of hours if you want it to be effective. All things considered, this may still be a better option than the undeniable ‘ugh’ sound associated with the word ‘foundation’.

Beyond sun protection, the idea is that you get treatment benefits along with the coverage—not a new idea in foundations, which come in every manner of treatment formulas, from anti-aging to moisturizing to acne-fighting.

Although I initially expected that BB’s and CC’s would have a lighter consistency similar to tinted moisturizers due to the SPF and skin benefits, in general, this has been far from true. The coverage of these products is considerably high for my taste, with heavier consistencies than what was anticipated.

Confused about which one to choose—BB or CC? You have to try them out and see what works best for you since everyone has different preferences. Thankfully there are some great clean options available! For instance, 100%Pure offers a wonderful BB Cream, while Supergoop provides SPF 50 protection in their mineral-based CC Cream. Don’t miss out on these amazing products that might just become your new go-to foundation!

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