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2023 Beauty Goals

Resolve to Enhance Your Beauty in 2023 with These 10 Goals!

As 2023 is here, why not start this new year with a list of resolutions that will help you look and feel your best? Set goals to enhance the health of your skin and expand upon your makeup collection – it’s sure to set you up for an amazing year!


  • Cleaning your makeup brushes should be at the top of your beauty regime to-do list – it will not only extend their lifespan but also drastically decrease any risk for breakouts. Sounds like a win-win situation!
  • By wearing SPF 15 or higher sunscreen every day, you can significantly lower your risk of developing melanoma by 50%, per The Skin Cancer Foundation. This simple action can help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and keep you looking younger for longer!
  • To discover a skincare routine that works for you, start by finding the best products for your own skin type. Are you dealing with dry or dehydrated skin? Oily skin? Combination of both? Take it slow and introduce new items one at a time in order to observe their effects on your complexion. Once you have picked out the right cleanser, toner and moisturizer, learn how to layer them effectively!
  • Dare to be different and step out of your comfort zone! Try experimenting with vibrant colors – a daring lip color or an unexpected eyeshadow hue. Embrace the beauty in brighter shades and show off your bold personality.
  • To reduce the risk of spreading bacteria that causes acne, cleanse your face twice daily and apply spot treatments as needed. Refrain from picking or prodding at blemishes; it will only make them worse! If you want to take extra precautions against breakouts, consider a professional acne treatment for maximum impact.
  • Treat yourself to a rejuvenating facial from the spa. Search for a nearby facility, and inquire if they offer 100% Pure therapeutics treatments during your appointment. Experience an unparalleled level of relaxation as you emerge feeling refreshed with vibrant skin!
  • Discover the red lipstick of your dreams! Explore various shades to uncover one that perfectly complements your skin tone, and learn how to find the ideal hue.
  • It’s essential to stay on top of the expiration dates for your skincare products. On many labels, you’ll find a small container symbol with a number inside that indicates how long after opening it can be used. For instance, if your hand cream reads 30M, then the product is still good up until 30 months have passed since first being opened. To keep track of this information more easily, jot down the month and year that each item was initially opened onto its tube in permanent marker – this will help ensure you don’t miss out on throwing away expired goods! Make sure to go through all products in use every six months or so and discard any past their expiry date.
  • Make sure to drink an abundance of water; it is not a tale, drinking H2O does wonders for your complexion! To avoid dehydration and maintain healthy skin, make sure you are frequently hydrating and lock in the moisture by using a moisturizer.
  • Don’t make the mistake of hitting the hay without washing your face – doing so can cause premature aging in a hurry! Take time nightly to remove makeup with a water-soluble cleansing oil. It’ll do wonders for removing dirt and debris while leaving you feeling fresh and ready for bed.


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