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3 Surprising Benefits of Coconut Oil for Eyelashes

Could you be missing out on soft, silky lashes?

Eyelashes not only accentuate the eyes, but they’ve got an appeal all on their own. We dress them up with eyeliner and mascara, draw attention to them with smokey eye shadow, and draw in longing gazes with just a blink.

But we all know that nothing is more beautiful than natural, healthy eyelashes. Give the gift of the world’s softest butterfly kisses by using coconut oil on your eyelashes.


Why Coconut Oil Can (and Should) Be Used on Lashes

Coconut oil has already made the rounds for every other part of your body: skin, face, and hair. So why aren’t your eyelashes getting some of that tropical love?

We may not think about our eyelash health often. We just dress them up and take them out. But all that applying and removing makeup, exposure to the sun, and occasional itching and scratching adds up to quite a bit of damage.

Using  unrefined coconut oil for eyelashes, you can repair, restore, and protect those little dames. 

Fortunately, it is cheap and easy. You can find unrefined, virgin coconut oil for just $15 online. With 14 fluid ounces, that’s a whole lot of moisture for your eyelashes!

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Coconut oil has been shown to benefit hair. While most studies on coconut oil have been performed on head hair, it follows that it would have the same moisturizing effects on eyelashes.

Here’s what we’re looking for when using coconut oil for eyelashes.

Coconut Oil Moisturizes Eyelashes

The most touted effect of coconut oil is its ability to moisturize hair. Unlike other moisturizers, coconut oil hydrates from the hair follicle all the way to the tip.

Coconut oil locks in moisture by creating a protective coating around it. The result is a luscious shine and softer feel.

Coconut Oil Strengthens Eyelashes

Your eyelashes undergo a lot of stress. From sun damage to harsh makeup products and face washes, these fragile hairs are prone to breakage and structural damage.

Want to strengthen your eyelashes? Say hello to coconut oil.

Coconut oil has been shown to reduce protein loss from UV and chemical damage. This is crucial because your hair uses protein to build healthy tissue and cells. In fact, 80-85% of your hair is made from a protein called keratin.

Keep your hair strong by protecting what made it in the first place. This will result in longer eyelashes as it protects them from breaking.

Coconut Oil Protects Hair from Further Damage

A Cosmetic Science research study measured hair damage and breakage in two groups: one that used coconut oil daily on their hair and another that did not. After 16 weeks, the researchers found that the group that oiled their hair daily with coconut oil had significantly less breakage than the control group.

It stands to reason that you can apply this benefit of coconut oil to eyelashes. Just like the hair on your head, eyelashes get dry and damaged. Coconut oil for eyelashes may provide your lashes with the protection they need for long lasting health.

How to Apply Coconut Oil to Eyelashes

It sounds like a simple process, but to get the full benefits of coconut oil for eyelashes, there is a right (and a wrong) way to do it.

First off, you can certainly use 100% pure coconut oil. However, you may want to check out coconut-infused serums, mascaras, and cleansing balms.

Serums, mascaras, and cleansing balms will contain either coconut oil or a coconut derivative, such as coconut stearic acid. All these are beneficial for your eyelashes. You’ll also get the added bonus of other eyelash-boosting ingredients that are tested by brands as being safe and effective.

Whichever option you choose is up to you. Let’s start from the beginning and walk you through the process.


As with all beauty procedures, you’ll want to start with a clean slate. Use a mild all-natural facial cleanser to remove any oil, makeup, or debris from your eyelids and the area around them. Be sure to clean your hands, too.

If you wear contacts, remove them. If coconut oil gets into your eye, it will be hard to remove from your contacts later.

Have your virgin coconut oil at hand. You may need to microwave it for 5-10 seconds to ensure it is liquid, as your eyelashes will absorb it more readily.

Pick your tool. You can apply the coconut oil using your (clean) fingers, a reusable cotton swab, or a clean mascara wand.

Applying Coconut Oil to Your Eyelashes

Wet your fingers, cotton swab, or mascara wand with a small amount of coconut oil. 

Look up and away so that there’s a wide berth between your eyelashes and your eye.

Gently brush the coconut oil from the roots of your eyelashes to the tips, as you would when applying mascara. Repeat with the bottom lashes.

Dab away any excess coconut oil with a cotton square or clean, soft wash rag. Coconut oil is comedogenic, so you don’t want any left over on your face.

Precautionary Measures

Be sure not to get coconut oil in your eye, especially if you wear contacts. While coconut oil is unlikely to damage your eye, it can cause irritation and can be difficult to rinse out (it’s an oil, after all).

Always start with less coconut oil for eyelashes than you think you’ll need. You can always add more later.


Our Favorite Coconut Oil Infused Eyelash Products

100% PURE Maracuja Oil Mascara

Cruelty-free, Vegan, Gluten-Free

Infused with coconut stearic acid, this volumizing mascara is fortified with nourishing vitamins E and B5, as well as moisturizing seaweed and maracuja oil. It comes in shades of black tea, blackberry, and dark chocolate for a color that’s sure to make your eyes sparkle. Forget harsh mascaras that dry out your lashes. Get a gorgeous look while protecting your body with a coconut oil mascara for eyelashes.

InstaNatural Rose Micellar Cleansing Balm


Packed with all natural nourishing ingredients, InstaNatural makeup remover helps to hydrate and repair dry, damaged skin and hair. This cleansing balm dissolves hard-to-remove makeup while replacing it with moisturizing coconut oil, manuka honey, and sunflower seed oil. You can use this gentle balm to cleanse your entire face while getting the benefits of coconut oil for eyelashes.

Isabella’s Clearly Lash

Cruelty-free, Sustainable Packaging

Designed specifically for those of us who just want thick, longer eyelashes naturally, Isabella’s Clearly Lash is a serum crafted for castor oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E oil. Clearly Lash comes with a mascara wand for easy application. Isabella’s recommends applying this concoction to your eyelashes and brows nightly, with effects seen in as few as 7 days.

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