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6 Easy Makeup Tips for Your Special Day

Must-Dos for Stunning Wedding Photos

Brides-to-be, don’t let the camera be your enemy on your big day! Combat everything from skin type to lighting by preparing with these top makeup tips for dazzling wedding photos that will last a lifetime.

1. Prioritize skincare. Makeup is capable of achieving amazing effects, yet it all starts with skincare. For a smooth finish and even application, skin must be clean and hydrated. Amanda Castillo, the makeup artist at The Club at Bella Collina emphasizes this point when she states that “hydration is essential for perfect makeup.” To ensure optimal results before applying cosmetics to your face, spritz on some glo minerals Moist Hydration Mist – this replenishes moisture levels in your complexion while plumping up the skin’s surface. 

When you’re done creating art with your brush strokes and blending palettes? Spritz another layer of spray overtop; not only will it keep everything locked in place but gives you assurance that they’ll stay power throughout the day.

2. Strategize with your photographer to decide on the perfect location. When deciding on where to take your wedding photos, the groom and you should consider both indoor and outdoor locations: if shooting indoors under dim lighting or in natural daylight outdoors. Lighting drastically affects not only the look of your photos but also the makeup that will be used for them as well. Natural light has a tendency to expose any flaws such as unblended brush strokes or mismatched foundation; have each bridesmaid come prepared with blotting papers and pressed powder so that they can touch up during their time away from pictures. 

Don’t forget, you’ll have plenty of chances to capture unforgettable images during the reception after your family and bridal party photoshoot is over.

3. Capture trial photos of your makeup application. Schedule a wedding makeup trial session 3 to 4 weeks prior to your big day; this allows you and your artist the time needed to find what shades, hues, and textures will look amazing with your skin tone. Although trials may come at an additional cost, it’s worth it. Plus – capturing photos of you in different lighting settings is beneficial as well because pictures can tell us more than words ever could. Have them snap away with both flash on & off for best results. 

If you and your photographer plan to take outdoor photos, make sure that some of the shots are taken in daylight. If you appear greasy, pale or too bright on those pictures due to light exposure, consider altering certain elements for a better outcome.

4. Give your cheeks and lips vivid color. To achieve a captivating bridal look, it is key to harmonize the pristine of the white wedding dress with some hues on the cheeks and lips. This accentuation helps brighten up those with fair skin in particular.

5. Shape and define your eyebrows. It may seem insignificant, but the correct color for your eyebrows can be a game-changer. Eyebrows provide structure to one’s face, and during those special wedding photos you want to look naturally beautiful. Keeping in mind your natural brow shape and selecting a shade slightly darker than your hair will bring out that subtle difference that stands out. Don’t overlook this small step – it could make all the difference when taking these timeless pictures on such an important day.

6. Apply 10% more product than your daily go-to. Achieve the perfect, picture-perfect look for your wedding photos with a bit of extra foundation. The ideal base? One that looks like your perfected skin.Not only will this enhance your features in photographs, but it also provides superb coverage and finish.

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