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Transform Your Wedding Look Effortlessly

Wedding Makeup from Day to Night

Your wedding day is likely one of, if not the most important days of your life. Oftentimes you’ll be up before dawn to get ready for what can seem like an endless series of events and activities until well into the night! So it’s essential that your bridal makeup stays in place throughout all those hours – without tips, you’ll have a look that will last from ceremony to reception without needing any additional touch ups along the way!

Make Your Wedding Day Makeup Last 

Prior to beginning your wedding makeup, the most crucial step for long lasting results is prepping your skin. A well-hydrated and moisturized complexion will remain balanced all day long; plus mineral makeup easily adheres to moistened skin. Make sure you nourish your lips with a balm before applying any other products and use daily facial lotion over face, neck & décolleté – allowing at least fifteen minutes so it properly absorbs into the surface of your skin.

Don’t forget to use a thin layer of face primer before applying your foundation. Primer will create an even canvas on the skin’s surface, effectively covering pores and smoothing out texture while also filling in any fine lines so you don’t have to worry about them later. If applied correctly from the start with primer, it will be much easier for you to do quick touch ups during the day without looking overly made up!.

If you’re dealing with an oily complexion, simply press blotting papers against your skin to absorb the shine without smudging or removing your foundation. On the other hand, if dryness is plaguing you, douse yourself in a facial mist for some hydration and an invigorating boost.

From Day to Night 

For brides who desire to have a different look for their ceremony and reception, an amazing money-saving option is to just change up your makeup! Transitioning from day to night couldn’t be easier with these easy steps: 1, 2, 3.

  1. Refine your lipstick. We can all agree that “your lips but better” is the go-to phrase for a daytime wedding, so you should stick to more natural shades like mid tone warm rose or pink mauve. However, if you want to make an impactful statement during your reception, opt for rich and deep colors like wine hue or cool red!
  2. Transform your eyes by adding deeper colors to them. To give your eye makeup an extra lift of glamor, add a rich espresso brown or charcoal gray to the outer corners and blend it out for a smoky look that blends in nicely with other shades. Apply this same shade on the lower lash line using a smudge brush and don’t forget to put on false lashes for some added pizzazz!
  3. Contour. To achieve a luminous day look, don’t forget to add a dewy flush of blush and gentle luminescence with an illuminator. For evening makeup, bring out your features further by applying contour powder just below the cheek bones and along the hairline. Bronzer can look variously depending on lighting so it’s best to stick with cool-toned powders specifically designed for sculpting!

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