Advantages of Coconut Oil and How to Implement It

Utilize Coconut Oil to Optimize Your Health

If you’re interested in natural remedies, then chances are you’ve come across coconut oil. It’s renowned for its skin and body benefits, and it seems like there’s nothing this oil can’t do.

Looking for a healthy cooking or baking oil? Coconut oil is a great choice. 

Need an alternative to conventional body moisturizers? Try coconut oil. 

Want to remove stubborn eye makeup? Coconut Oil will do the trick!

Coconut oil has become increasingly popular in recent years, so if you haven’t tried it yet, we’d be surprised. However, even the most die-hard coconut oil fans may not know all of its benefits.

At 100% Pure, we’re a little bit obsessed with coconut oil and only use purest, highest quality food-grade coconut oil available in our products.

Discover the benefits of coconut oil for your skin, and see what sets our brand apart.

The Purpose of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a fatty, oily substance made from the meat of coconuts. It is high in lauric and caprylic acids, making it one of the only compounds in nature to contain high levels of these acids (second only to human breast milk).

Caprylic acid and lauric acid have anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. Coconut oil is also a natural antioxidant that helps protect against free radical damage (premature aging). The high levels of vitamin E in coconut oil make it an excellent emollient and moisturizer. 

Coconut oil can be made by pressing fresh coconut meat or dried coconut (copra). There are several ways to render the oil from the coconut.


Traditional, hand pressed coconut oil is the most common method of extraction. This process usually uses heat, which then depletes levels of natural lauric and caprylic acid. It also lowers the antioxidant capacity of the oil.

In some cases, heating the oil during extraction can cause rancidity and introduce bacteria to the product.


Expeller pressing is a method of extracting oil from copra (dried coconut) by grinding and pressing the copra to produce a liquid. The resulting oil product is 90% oil and 10% water. apply heat to remove the remaining water, however this causes some depletion in nutrients due to exposure to heat..

Cold Pressing 

Although many people think otherwise, cold pressed oil is still heated during the process. The temperature is monitored so it doesn’t get too hot, but it’s still hotter than desired and this affects the quality of the oil.

Cold Centrifuge 

This method of extraction is the most raw and pure form of coconut oil available. In this process, no heat is used in order to preserve  all nutrients from the Coconut meat. A centrifuge separates the oil which results in a final product that has not been exposed to any outside elements.

By using this process, we are able to extract the highest levels of lauric acid (65%) from coconuts, more than any other extraction process. This is the only oil that we use in our products, which has only the highest quality. 

We handpick our coconuts and immediately process them to avoid fermentation or oxidation. Then, we ship the coconuts fresh to us right away so we can use the food-grade coconut oil in our skin care products.

Is It Healthy to Apply Coconut Oil Directly to The Skin?

Not only do we encourage the use of coconut oil for skin care, but we also believe it to be one of the most powerful and gentle natural ingredients available. Coconut oil is an excellent skin moisturizer that helps add hydration and retain moisture already present in your skin.

Not only does coconut oil have naturally occurring antifungal and antibacterial properties, but it’s also great for cleansing the skin. This eliminates the need to use harsh chemical agents which could dry out your skin by stripping it of its natural moisture.

Furthermore, recent studies have shown that coconut oil is excellent for blemish-prone skin. It helps to balance the skin’s production of natural oils, keep the skin hydrated, and cleanse impurities from pores.

Coconut oil is excellent for the skin in its raw state. It can help with diaper rash, shaving, and even leaving your skin feeling smooth after a bath.

Can Coconut Oil Help With Dark Circles?

Many people experience dark circles beneath the eyes from time to time. Coconut oil can help lighten your dark circles and increase the hydration level of your delicate eye skin, improving the look of your eye area.

Coconut oil has natural calming properties that can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and promote healthy, hydrated skin.

Advantages of Coconut Oil

There are few things that coconut oil cannot do, especially when it comes to improving your skin. Coconut oil is effective as a cleanser, moisturizer, hair conditioner, and can even be eaten. The healing properties in coconut oil make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their skin health.

Different Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Not only does coconut oil make a delicious cooking ingredient, but it can also do wonders for your skin! Here’s how you can use it in your daily skincare routine:

Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is the best makeup remover because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or solvents. It’s also quick and easy to use, and it won’t damage your lashes like some cleansers can.


Of course, coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer. You can apply it to your skin in its raw form to help deliver maximum moisture and soften and condition your skin.

Hair Care

Not only is raw coconut oil great for your skin, but it can also work wonders on your hair! Using a small amount as a conditioner will leave your locks silky and smooth, and help to keep them hydrated.


Coconut oil contains antioxidants and healthy fats that help to soothe sunburns and nourish the skin.

Lip Pomade

The fatty acids in coconut oil make it an excellent lip balm, offering deep hydration to your lips and helping protect against chapping and cracking. 


The highlighting skin cream that gives your skin an all-over dewy glow, Coconut oil provides the base for 100% Pure’s award-winning Luminating Creme. 

Made with six different shades, our original highlighter is clear and colorless to provide a healthy, sheer glow that radiates natural wellness.

To Sum It Up

Out of all the oils that are good for your skin, coconut oil is most beneficial. But you need to be careful when buying it; even if a product says it’s organic, that doesn’t mean heat wasn’t used during the extraction process.

For nutrient-rich, skin-enhancing coconut oil products that you can trust, look no further than 100% Pure. Our raw coconut cream and coconut oil products are made with cold centrifuge extracted coconut oil to preserve the nutrient profile and allow your skin to experience all the benefits of living, nourishing coconuts!

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