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Best Green Color Correctors to Conceal Redness

Concealers with a green tint are perfect for neutralizing reddened skin.

Green Color Correctors Different colored correctors work for different skin concerns. For example, a yellow concealer works to brighten dark circles. On the other hand, red and green are opposite each other on the color wheel. That means color correctors with a green tint are perfect for neutralizing excessive redness in your complexion that may result from acne, irritation, inflammation, and other conditions. With the right natural green tint and moisturizing ingredients, a green color corrector can help even out your skin tone for a more uniform-looking complexion. Here are the best green color correctors to target signs of redness daily and while on-the-go.

Best green color correctors

2nd Skin Corrector from 100% Pure2nd Skin Corrector from 100% Pure
A green colored concealer in liquid form that’s actually pigmented with matcha green tea! It works to conceal acne, neutralize redness, and irritated skin, while hydrating skin with olive squalane for a picture-perfect finish. Offers full coverage.

Blemish Banish Concentrated Mineral Correcting Creams from PacificaBlemish Banish Concentrated Mineral Correcting Creams from Pacifica
Comes in a palette of 3 different color correcting concealers. The green concealer targets redness, while pink brightens and evens, and yellow neutralizes blue tones. It contains hydrating coconut water and Vitamin E to help soothe your delicate or irritated skin.

Color Theory Creme Correctors from Au Naturale
Your new go-to for spot treating blemishes and redness! This formula never feels drying on skin and eliminates cakiness, thanks to cupuacu seed butter and aloe. It multi-tasks as a foundation and tinted moisturizer that’s compatible for all skin types.

Organic Concealer from Zao Organic Makeup
The stick form of this soft concealer is perfect for on-the-go application over redness, and comes in a cool bamboo case too. It contains antioxidant-rich babassu seed oil and gingko extract for moisturizing and protection against free radical damage.

How to use a green color corrector

  • Start with freshly cleansed and moisturized skin for smooth blending.
  • For a color corrector, you typically should apply it before a foundation or concealer. This ensures more flawless blending and coverage.
  • Apply a little at a time to avoid creasing and caking.
  • Blend thoroughly with fingers or a brush. Use gentle patting motions instead for more coverage.
  • Color correctors won’t replace your skin care regimen! Make sure to treat your reddened spots with skin care. Always thoroughly wash off your makeup after use.
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