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Bronzed Makeup Look

Create a Sun-Kissed Look

Who doesn’t love having a healthy summer glow? Although the classic method of tanning is out of style, there are plenty of other ways to achieve that bronzed look! Instead opt for spray or airbrush tans and add some warmth into your daily makeup. It’s as easy as sifting through all your cosmetics and choosing gold, bronze, and copper shades–from eye shadow to lip gloss. Get creative with it; you’ll get that sun-kissed vibe in no time.

Achieve Stunning Copper Eyes

Let us help you find the perfect shades to keep your summer makeup looks on-point! We recommend mixing Penny from The 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented® Better Naked Palette for a muted copper eye effect. When applying, use an eye contour brush and soften any edges before blending through the crease. Take it one step further by adding color down onto your lower lash line with a smaller brush. 

Complete your eye look with a single layer of Volumizing Mascara on both lashes. If you’re spending time in the scorching summer heat, opt for a water resistant mascara to keep your makeup looking flawless and smudge-free all day long!

Bronze Face

To achieve a warm, sun-kissed glow, reach for 100% Pure’s Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer and use a rounded brush. Make sure your bronzer is slightly darker than your natural complexion before applying it just below the cheekbones and blending outward for an even finish. To complete the look, don’t forget to extend the color down along your jawline and hairline.

To create a warm, inviting look, use a Cream Blush for its smooth application and natural hue. Gently sweep it on with a blush brush to the apples of your cheeks for seamless blending with any bronzer you may be using. And don’t worry if you add too much color – cream formula is incredibly forgiving when blended out.

Highlighters provide a radiant glow to any complexion, so be sure to select an appropriate shade that will add warmth. The Fruit Pigmented® Gemmed Luminizer is ideal for highlighting with its mesmerizing gold pigment. To achieve subtle shimmer, use a flat and tapered brush on the high points of your face such as your cheekbones; if you desire more intensity, apply the product down the center of your nose, forehead chin and cupid’s bow for stunning results.

Shiny Lips 

For a long-lasting, saturated lip color that looks great all year round, pair ILIA Multi-Stick – which is slightly deeper than your natural lip tone – with ILIA Balmy Gloss. This peachy gloss adds golden shimmer to create an elegant rose gold hue that will make you look stunning.

The final result radiates a soft, natural glimmer to the skin that is unrivaled by any other source – including the sun!

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