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Sun Glowing Skin

Summer Makeup Perfection: Get that Glowing, Sun-Kissed Look with These Warm Beauty Hacks!

For a stunning summer look, embrace a warm bronzed complexion with defined brows and an attention-grabbing statement lip. Everyone loves the neutral glow of bronze skin but adding that extra punch of color to your lips is irresistible! Bring out those hot pinks, fuchsias, and classic reds for a glamorous touch this season.


Experiment with Powder Foundation for a range of coverage from subtle to complete and semi-matte finish.


  1. To achieve a subtle yet captivating look, sweep Eye Shadow in blue hour over your lids.
  2. Infuse a unique Cream Bronze hue into the crease with warm, inviting tones.
  3. If you’re looking for a subtle highlight to accentuate your brow bone, reach no further than the shimmery hue from our Rose Gold Palette – perfect for fair to light skin tones! These incredibly versatile powders can be used not only on your face but also as eyeshadow. Unlock new possibilities with this gorgeous palette today!
  4. To captivate the eye, apply Eye Pencil in fizz to your inner corners.
  5. To evoke a subtle yet striking definition to your lower lash line, line it with Long Last Liquid EyeLiner in charcoal. Choosing gray over black will provide a gentle touch of elegance.
  6. For maximum length and definition, coat both upper and lower lashes with Ultra Lengthening Mascara in a striking black shade.


Craft your ideal brow shade with the Brow Quad or Brow Powder Duo; a perfect complement to any look.


  1. For a delicate flush, delicately apply Cream Blush in chiffon to the center of your cheekbones.
  2. Achieve a beautiful flush on the cheeks by lightly brushing sweet blush over your cream.
  3. Illuminate your complexion with Cream Bronze in Warmth. Enhance your cheekbones and jawline for a contoured effect, then lightly add some color to the hairline where it would typically be exposed to the sun’s rays. Make certain that you blend everything together seamlessly as you go!
  4. Gently apply a shimmer highlight to the top of your cheeks for an illuminated and luminous glow in fair to light skin tones.


  1. If you’re looking for a sassy, vibrant red hue to liven up your summer makeup look, reach for shades with an orange undertone. Try applying Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick in crush for the perfect bold pout!
  2. Get a glossy, dazzling look when you pair Lip Glaze in Jetset with Crush for an extra layer of captivating shine.


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