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Go Bold With Red Lips

Discovering The Perfect Red Lipstick to Enhance Your Skin Tone

Red lipstick packs a powerful punch. It doesn’t have to be tedious in finding your ideal red lip – there are countless tips and recommendations available for selecting the perfect shade and undertone! Today, let’s get into detail on how to pick out that special hue of lusciously-bold lips!

Harmonizing with Undertones

To discover the red lipstick that suits you best, consider your skin and lip tone’s undertones. Generally people have a warm undertone (olive, golden or peachy), but for those with cool undertones (pink, red or blue) there are still perfect pout solutions! For warmer complexions select a shade of red with similar warm hues such as Lipstick in Cocoa Butter Matte or Pomegranate Oil to ensure an on-point look.

If your skin tone is cool, the ideal red lip color to complement it will also have cool undertones. The top recommendations are Suede Matte Crayon in Bombshell and Lipstick for a bold yet timeless look!

Contrasting Vibes

If you want to play it safe, match your skin and lipstick undertone; however, if you’re feeling daring then step outside the box by selecting contrasting undertones. For example, a warm olive complexion can be complemented with an unexpected deep plum-red shade for a vintage vibe while cool fair complexions are stunningly accented when paired with a brick red hue which adds warmth and drama to any makeup look!

If you have a warm complexion, try using deep plums like Brick-house or Date Night Lipstick, Mauvely Gloss and bright reds such as Rhubarb Lip Glaze for optimal results.

Don’t get too wrapped up in if a tone is right or wrong– simply choose the shade that looks best wearing it! Matching undertones should be seen as more of a guide than an absolute rule. When you discover the ideal one, you’ll know without question that this was meant to be.

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