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Discover Your Glow Using highlighter

Discover Your Luminous Self: How To Illuminate

Give your complexion a desired lit-from-within glow with the help of highlighters! Nothing is more captivating than naturally glowing skin, and while we all strive to make the most out of our enchanting radiance with luxurious skincare routines, many times even this isn’t enough. Fortunately, highlighters are here as an absolute essential in beauty kits that come in various finishes and luminosities so you can easily fake it ’til you make it.

Highlighting is all about mimicking the way natural light catches and reflects off our bone structure, effectively popping those points and accentuating our features with a brightening boost. And, as with all key trends, it encompasses a spectrum of styles, from those notice-me holographic hues or chromatic strobing all the way through to the dewy, glass skin effect that’s oh-so on point right now. Your skin, but better; current times call for skincare-makeup hybrids that enhance and elevate our natural beauty, delivering glossy, hydrated skin, with that post-facial luminosity that shines out. 

Achieving the Glass Skin Look

The Luminating Creme is deeply hydrating and nourishing, as it provides a classic glassy sheen to all skin tones. An abundantly revitalizing cream that also shields the complexion with potent antioxidants while delivering an effortless sheer luminosity, this product carries powerful ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and conditioning shea butter – melting into your skin to provide lasting rejuvenation from within.

With its silky and creamy texture, this balm helps you to craft the perfect look. To achieve a glossy finish, use your fingertips to apply directly onto skin before blending it out. On the other hand, if subtlety is more what you’re after – reach for a brush or even just your fingers again and lightly pat on top of any eye color, cheek color or lip shade for an alluring sheen.


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