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Discover the Best Sequence for Applying Your Skincare Routine

A Step-By-Step Guide

The correct order of application for your skincare items is just as essential as the products themselves. Using them in the proper sequence allows you to experience their full potential benefits.

1º Pre-Cleanse

Unlock a luxurious spa-level facial cleanse with these gentle yet effective pre-cleansers. These products are designed to be your go-to first step in any evening skincare routine, effortlessly eliminating traces of oil, impurities and makeup from both the face area as well as more delicate eye areas. 

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2º Cleanse

Twice a day, it is imperative to cleanse your skin: once in the morning and again at night. Before bed, start with pre-cleansing by washing away the dirt of the day before going deeper into cleansing with an appropriate cleanser for your skin type; that way you can ensure optimal results. Explore what works best for you and identify which cleansers will leave your complexion refreshed. 

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3º Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the key to cell regeneration and a radiant glow. It buffs away dull skin cells, removes debris from follicles for clear skin, and can even reduce areas of discoloration. Moreover its effect doesn’t just stop there; it also helps other products absorb more quickly into the skin so that you get maximum benefit.

To begin with, exfoliate your skin once a week – either in the morning or evening (not both). If you want to maximize effectiveness, then gradually increase this up to five times per week. 

4º Mask

Pamper your skin with a mask at least one to three evenings each week for maximum nourishment that reaches beyond the surface of your complexion. Multi-masking is an excellent way to target specific needs, so explore how you can utilize this technique to address different skincare worries.

5º Toner

Toners are the perfect tool for creating a balanced, even skin texture in order to ensure that serums and moisturizers glide on evenly. Remember: tone twice daily after cleansing your face morning and night.

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6º Serum

If you are serious about transforming your skin, then look no further than a serum. Serum formulas are potent and sink into the deeper layers of skin, providing active ingredients that directly address any existing issues. With its quick absorption rate, it gives you visible results in just days.

In the mornings, use a Vitamin C serum to reap maximum protection from harmful free radicals while stimulating healthy collagen production and boosting skin brightness. As an added bonus, you can enjoy its antioxidative benefits all day long.

End your day with a specialized serum that suits the needs of your skin, such as acne, sensitivity, discoloration or aging. With continued use over time you can achieve desired results and gain the luminous complexion you desire! If using products containing Retinol make sure to wait at least half an hour for it to be absorbed before moisturizing for maximum effect.

7º Hydrate

Once your skin has had enough time to absorb the serum, a nourishing hydrator should be added next. Not only is this an efficient way of providing hydration to dry or dehydrated skin, but any and all skin types can take advantage of its moisturizing benefits. Hydrators are less thick than moisturizers as they are able to penetrate deeper into the layers of the epidermis.

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8º Moisturize

The eye area is especially delicate, so don’t forget to give it exceptional attention! To keep skin hydrated and fight signs of aging, apply a moisturizer morning and night. It helps retain the moisture your skin needs for healthy cell renewal. No matter what type of skin you have, regular nourishment with a quality moisturizer is essential for an optimum complexion.

9º Protect

The importance of utilizing SPF 15 or higher sunscreen daily cannot be overstated. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, this level of protection can reduce your risk of developing melanoma by a massive 50%. Don’t forget that it should not only be used on your face – apply it liberally to all exposed areas including your chest, neck and hands each morning.

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