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Dry Shampoo Options: Curly, Straight and Wavy Hair

The Best Dry Shampoo Options

We admire dry shampoo for its magical ability to reinvigorate our second, third, and even fourth-day hair. It adds texture, absorbs oil, and gives us long-lasting volume and shine—all without the stickiness of pomades or gels that can weigh down your locks. The nontoxic blend of cleansing clays, starches, and flower extracts is so light it dissolves into nothing while leaving you with a refreshed, voluminous look!

It’s incredibly simple to use—just deposit a small amount onto your hands, evenly comb it through from the roots of your hair until the ends, and you’re done! Whether you want something rugged or polished, this product is perfect for any style. It’ll save so much time when washing isn’t an option and will have you feeling fabulous throughout work days, nights out, or post-workouts alike. Additionally, these bottles are both ultra-compact, making them easily portable if stored in bags or desk drawers!

Our team at Freebuni has a variety of hair types and textures. We rely on these three tips to quickly transform our tresses from lifeless to bouncy or disorderly to sleek in no time!

The Perfect Dry Shampoo for Any Hair Type

Curly Hair

Refresh Dry Shampoo

“The thought of dry shampoo had never appealed to me, however when I tried this one for myself, I was amazed by what it did! My hair felt light and clean, as if I’d just washed and conditioned it.”

“There’s a delightful citrus scent that lingers in the air, which adds an extra bit of polish without going over the top. A few pumps provide enough powder-like foam to make my curls pop while taming them at the same time. Taking some time before going out allows me to smooth down any flyaways while adding a hint of shine, making sure that I always look my best!”

Natural Straight Hair

Bleu Retroactive Dry Shampoo

“At the close of a long day, my hair appears flat and limp. On days when I’m not going straight home, however, this magic product is here to save the day! This incredible product can bring dead ends back to life within seconds, giving my style an extra bounce as if I had been sitting at that desk for mere minutes instead of hours on end. It also refreshes me from deep within; making me feel like an entirely new person in no time!”

Wavy Hair

Captain Blankenship Refresh Dry Shampoo

“If there’s one product I can’t live without, it has to be this one. With a lot of hair on my head, it tends to look unkempt if not properly taken care of; that’s where this magical potion comes in! By applying just a tiny pump before work, or at the end or middle of the day when all else fails, I’m able to tame flyaways and add some much-needed softness to my hairdo. Not only is its effect fantastic, but so is also its scent: light and delicate with no overwhelming tones whatsoever. Truly irreplaceable!”

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