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Dynamic Duo For Blemishes

Unlock the Power of Perfect Skin: Locking in Concentrated Spot Treatment with Oil-Free Camouflage.

No matter how carefully we take care of our skin, blemishes always seem to pop up. When they do, it can be difficult to make them disappear quickly. Thankfully there is an amazing duo that helps us treat and hide the unwanted marks: 100% Pure Therapeutics Concentrated Spot Treatment & Minerals Oil Free Camouflage! This powerhouse combination works together for maximum results – treating acne-prone areas while also camouflaging any remaining imperfections with natural minerals pigments.

Begin your journey to clearer skin with Concentrated Spot Treatment, which is formulated to reduce redness, inflammation and irritation caused by breakouts. Not only does this treatment hasten the healing process but it also leaves behind a smoother complexion so you can feel more confident in your own skin.

To help conceal and heal any leftover discoloration or scarring caused by breakouts, try the Next Minerals Oil Free Camouflage. It not only masks blemishes but also boosts skin texture and tone with a blend of Vitamin A, C, E and Green Tea Extract. For maximum results it is ideal to use this spot treatment at night then follow up with the oil free camouflage when needed.


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