An Easy Skin Care Guide

What is the Optimal Order for Applying Products?


To get the best possible results from your skin apply to your skin accordingly, exfoliation is a must. Incorporate an overnight peel once per week and then massage your face with 100%Pure’s gel every few days (no sooner than twenty-four hours after a peel). The warmth of the shower will help soften up your skin even further to make this process even more effective!

A facial mask can be  to its needs and preferences; while some individuals may require use of a mask every single day, others might find it more beneficial when used less regularly. With that said, exfoliating prior to any routine ensures maximum results since the dead skin cells are removed so that all products can penetrate deep into the layers of your face and work at their best!


This tonic is filled with nourishing ingredients such as mild AHAs, mineral-rich water, and nia that penetrate deep into the layers of your skin for optimal treatment. For best results, use this tonic in the morning or evening after a gentle exfoliation to help reduce inflammation and reveal smooth and soft skin. With regular usage you will notice an improvement in clarity which makes pores virtually invisible!


Start off your day by treating your complexion with a Vitamin C serum and when the sun sets, pamper yourself with an intensive superserum that’s packed with active ingredients. If you have particularly oily skin, one serum may be enough – unnecessary layering of moisturizers should be avoided in this case!

Every morning, your skin can be refreshed and revitalized with the power of vitamin C. Treat yourself to a glow that is unbeatable – one person will surely notice! The addition of hyaluronic acid in this particular product provides you with an extra boost of weightless moisture that smooths and brightens complexion. It won’t be long before someone asks you what’s different about your glowing face – start using it today!

For the evenings, try one of our highly prized products. At first glance people may consider it as just another face oil but this treatment serum goes beyond expectations and offers much more than traditional oils do! Whether you are battling breakouts or worried about wrinkles, rest assured that its results will amaze you.


Are you looking for more hydration? If yes, then hyaluronic acid is the best option. It does not matter if your skin type is oily or dry; hyaluronic acid will keep it well-hydrated without leaving any greasy residue. This product works like a gel that immediately absorbs on contact and helps to set up an additional layer of moisture even for those with very dry skin types!

There’s no need to choose one or the other—oil and moisturizer can be blended together for maximum hydration. After all, humans have been utilizing oil for centuries, proving that there must be something special about it! Not only does this serum provide instant radiance with its gleam-like finish, but it also soothes your skin while smelling divine. If you’re looking to up your skincare game and give yourself a luxurious treat at the same time, then this is what you’ve been searching for.

Oils are great and all, but don’t forget to moisturize too! You can opt for the double-duty routine of layering your skin with oil first then sealing it in with a layer of moisturizer. Or you might want to go straight ahead and apply this super hydrating product – one that absorbs quickly into the deeper layers of your skin.


To maintain a youthful, vibrant complexion, nothing beats mineral sunscreen. Many dermatologists recommend applying it first—not chemical sunscreen though; that contains some of the most irritating ingredients used in cosmetics and can be deadly to coral reefs due to its endocrine-disrupting properties. Plus, chemical sunscreens break down when exposed to sunlight!In order to ensure maximum protection against the sun, chemical-based sunscreen must be applied first and allow time to sink into your skin. Mineral based sunscreen should then be slathered on top of this layer as it works by reflecting harmful rays away from the skin’s surface.


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