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Essential Skincare for a Ski Vacation

Prepare Your Skin for the Harsh Weather

Are you ready for your first-ever skiing experience? Don’t forget to pack all of the essentials, including warm and waterproof clothing, ski boots, goggles, gloves or mittens, a helmet, and skis!

Skiing is one of the most dangerous activities when it comes to skin damage—even more so than paddleboarding in the Maldives! Ski resorts are situated at high altitudes, which means you’re already exposed to intense UV rays.

Furthermore, snow reflects those same damaging rays that miss you right back up toward your face and body, amplifying their intensity compared to what occurs in open water.

A ski slope is much like the aluminum foil used by sunbathers, except on a grand scale. While in cooler climates, you won’t be able to benefit from the nourishing rays of the sun as you would during your Maldives vacation, but instead will experience dry skin due to being at a high altitude with little humidity.

The key to success is selecting the correct products and using them with diligence. It’s like a constant facial—you’ll look refreshed and lively, making people wonder, where did you go? Here’s your ultimate winter vacation must-have bag:

1. Protect Your Skin From the Sun’s Damage

For optimum protection on the slopes, you need a sunscreen that is small enough to fit in your coat pocket and has a texture that can be rubbed into the skin with ease.

Most importantly, it should be a physical sunscreen free of chemicals, as this reflects UV rays rather than absorbs the; plus it won’t irritate or cause unpleasant reactions! If you’re looking for a sun protection factor that fits your comfort level, most dermatologists recommend SPF 30.

If you have fair skin like me, I suggest the luxurious Green Tea SPF 30, which has saved my skin from getting burned on ski trips and is great at replenishing moisture. Though I’m more of an après skier than someone who loves being in the elements all day long, this sunscreen managed to protect me during my days out there!

For those hard-core sun worshippers, you can’t go wrong with the SPF 50 Super Shield Sport Stick. But for more casual beachgoers, C Beyond Triple Serum SPF 40 will be a great choice. Both offer supreme protection and convenience without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

2. Spf Lip Balm: Protect Your Lips

Relish the comforting Rosehip Oil scent and texture of the Rosehip Lemongrass Lip Balm SPF that can easily be tucked away in your jacket pocket. Avoid feeling despondent due to burnt lips by reapplying liberally throughout the day!

3. Face Wipes Are a Must

In very arid climates, I completely bypass water while cleansing my face; however, conventional wipes are often filled with preservatives and fragrances that can disturb your endocrine system and further irritate the skin. To avoid this issue altogether, opt for clean nontoxic wipes instead!

Ursa Major has crafted the ultimate travel-friendly product: individual, essential oil-infused wipes that not only deeply hydrate but also thoroughly cleanse. The best part? They fit in even the tiniest back pocket!

People with super sensitive or acne-prone skin will love HydroPeptide exceptional blend of Micellar Water—it soothes and intensely moisturizes like no other.

4. Embrace Face Oil

After I cleanse my face with wipes, I quickly apply this organic and natural oil. It leaves my skin feeling soft yet firm! Additionally, it’s the perfect solution for makeup that appears flaky or dry (in most cases due to a lack of moisture on your skin), just rub between two fingers, then lightly press onto your makeup (avoid the eyes but include the under-eye area).

For a relaxing hot tub experience, add some oil before entering the water to allow your skin to soak in it like you would during a facial. You’ll feel the steam working its magic!

5. Pamper Your Skin with Face balm

To supercharge your skin’s conditioning, apply a thick balm over either oil or a regular moisturizer. Not only does it feel incredibly indulgent to use the moment you enter from outside, but Intensive Nourishing Balm is ideal for this task and can be massaged into cuticles, lips, or under the eyes—any area that desires some extra nourishment! when searching for something extraordinary to pamper with.

6. Stay Hydrated, Moderately Enjoy Alcohol, and Take Omega-3 Supplements

Combining this with the previously mentioned technique, you can make sure your hillsides remain pristine and free of damage.

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