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Essential Strategies for Radiant Summer Skin

7 Summertime Secrets That you Must Add to Your Skincare

This summer, don’t let your skincare regimen slip away! Make sure you read these tips to defend and refine your skin care routine for the warm weather months.

1st. Refresh yourself with a spritz of face mist 

Keep a facial mist in your purse and use it for a revitalizing recharge throughout the day. Not only will mists lock-in your makeup, but they also keep you feeling hydrated and looking fresh!

2nd. Don’t forget to protect your lips. Remember, SPF is essential!

Sun protection is absolutely necessary, but you shouldn’t forget about your lips! The skin around our mouth is delicate and thin – just like the area near our eyes. Invest in a lip balm with SPF to ensure it’s protected on days spent outdoors. Apply every morning, then again after two hours for optimal coverage all day long.

3rd. Shield your hands and décolleté with SPF for optimal protection

We frequently overlook the need to protect all exposed areas of our skin with SPF. How much sun exposure do your hands, arms, chest and neck receive on a daily basis? These zones – especially the backs of hands and décolletage – are typically amongst the first areas that display aging signs due to excessive UV radiation.

4th. Nourish your skin with moisturizer and reap the benefits!

During stifling summer temperatures, every layer of makeup applied to the skin can feel like an extra weight. Even though you may be tempted to skip your moisturizer in this heat, doing so could leave your skin severely dehydrated and oily—the exact opposite of what you’re aiming for. So instead of foregoing this important step in your skincare regimen altogether, opt for a light-weight moisturizer or even better – a combination sunscreen/moisturizing product each morning.

5th. Protect your skin from the sun by wearing makeup with SPF protection

For optimal coverage, marry the potency of sunscreen with a foundation that also has SPF. Start by applying your preferred sunscreen to your face until it is absorbed; the Skin Cancer Foundation advises using an amount equivalent to a nickel-sized dollop. Afterward, apply base and finish off with setting powder for an all day look!

6th. Achieve a sun-kissed look without ever leaving your house

Sun tanning is never safe and it’s always better to get a beach-like glow using temporary body bronzers or sunless tanners. Add some color to your face makeup with bronzer and warm toned eyeshadows for an even healthier look.

7th. Effectively battle body acne

Battling body acne can be frustrating. To help soothe irritated blemishes and prevent further breakouts, make sure to choose tops that are loose-fitting and don’t rub or irritate the chest and back area. Additionally, try not to wear tight gym clothes for an extended period after exercising as they will trap sweat which could aggravate skin more easily. Finally, use a daily acne fighting spray on clean dry skin before you dress up in order to combat any kind of breakouts throughout your body!

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