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Before I realized the potential harm of toxic ingredients in traditional beauty products, I was always a fan of shower gel/moisturizer combinations. It’s an excellent concept to get it all done while you’re still warm and comfortable under the cleansing water. Do any clean, non-toxic versions exist?

If you’re looking to ditch the intense body creams and shower gels that are filled with harsh chemicals, then look no further. While you won’t find a non-toxic alternative quite like them, there is an infinitely better way to stay moisturized while still in the shower: this sensational Honey Almond Body Scrub!

Unlike those chemical-laden combos, it foams up nicely and smells amazing without any artificial scents added. Plus, it sticks to your skin but washes away clean when done, so all you’ve got left is silky softness from head to toe!

Just before you step out of the shower, apply and rinse off to keep as much of the marvelous oils on your skin. Crystal sea salt is a gentle way to exfoliate since it melts in hot water for an unbeatable feeling as it scrubs away dirt, allowing citrusy oils to sink into your pores.

Afterward, the wonderful softness will remain without needing lotion, with a faint but delightful scent that lasts all day! You can experience this luxurious sensation in just half a second—try it today!

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