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Eyeshadow Brushes That Will Transform Your Look

Own This 5 Essential Ones

Applying makeup perfectly requires the right tools. No matter how excellent your makeup is, if you use substandard brushes, it won’t render a flawless finish. That’s why we’ve crafted our top five eyeshadow brush picks that everyone should have in their collection along with our foundation and general makeup brush guides. With these essential items at hand, achieving perfection has never been easier!

Eye Base 

If you’re looking to get intense color payoff from your eyeshadow, then an Eye Base Brush is the perfect tool for you. Its dense and wide bristles will help pack on as much pigment as possible when applying it onto your lid. Artists use this term “packing on color” all of the time – now with this brush, you can too.

Eye Blender

Unsure of your eye look? Blend, blend, and then blend some more! While an unblended cut crease can create a striking effect in certain instances, most days you’ll want something different. Soften the edges of your eye shadow with a fluffy Eye Shader Brush and add color to the crease or use it for sheer dusting on the lid. With this technique you will achieve just that perfect balance between sharpness and softness.


But why do I need a crease brush if I already have an eye blender? The Crease Brush is smaller and more tightly packed, giving you a much more precise application when adding shadow. After that’s done, the softer Blender can be used to sheer and blend accordingly. This brush can also be applied in the outer corner of your eyes to create depth.

Mini Crease

For completely different functions, a crease brush and a Detail Brush are essential. With this highly defined tool, pigment can be precisely placed on small areas without much effort – leaving you with perfect results every time! Whether it’s deepening the outer corner of your eyes for subtle definition or layering deep browns and blacks onto the crease to create an intense eye look, this is definitely going to become your favorite makeup companion.

Not only can you use this brush to create a beautiful and vibrant look on your lower lashline, but its density allows you to deposit color and blend with ease. Many are curious as to which between our Crease Brush or Mini Crease brush is the better choice when it comes down to it – the answer? BOTH! Both brushes bring their own unique qualities that together will help create an amazing eye makeup look.


If you’re looking for a more detailed eye makeup look, what better tool to have than the mighty Smudge Brush? This amazingly compact brush is perfect for smudging cream and pencil eyeliner as well as applying eye shadow like liner. As its bristles are closely packed, it can collect more powder than other loose brushes; just be sure to tap off your brush before using color in order to avoid unwanted fallout! With an all-over lid color and crease color complete with blendable shades, this brush will give you the gorgeous eyes of your dreams!

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