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Fall Makeup Essencials

Upgrade Your Makeup Kit With These Five Fall Must-Haves!

Fall may not be the beginning of a brand-new year, but it still has that exhilarating feel. The kids going back to school and summer concluding make us crave for this new season’s start. With so much potential to develop healthier habits, why don’t you revitalize your beauty collection with some fresh products that are sure to put you in an autumnal spirit! Forget about stocking up on back-to-school supplies – try out something new instead: crunchy leaves, hot chocolate, sweaters and pumpkin will add seasonal charm like no other!

Achieve a sparkling Clean brush

Even if you can stand the thought of bacteria and dirt living in your makeup brushes, take a look at them closely. The residue left behind by pigment from those beauty products will mix with new colors resulting in an unfavorable outcome. To save yourself time when it comes to cleaning your brushes, be sure to use a brush cleaner after every use; however, don’t just rely on that – remember that this is not a substitute for giving these tools a proper cleanse!

Enhance your eyes with the luscious Cream Shadow, 

With one product, you can achieve a multitude of looks! Introducing Cream Shadow – easy to use and long-lasting. The current selection has five shades that will prime, line, highlight and define the face according to your desires – no limits here! Check out some ideas for inspiration: blend Prelude as a luminous highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes or on top of cheekbones; create an effortless smokey eye with Pitch along the lash line or waterline; Layer Beam below Toast for glowing bronzed metallic finish. Cream Shadow is all you need to get creative with makeup today!

Cream Blush

As the temperatures start to drop during autumn, we can’t get enough of a rosy, lit-from-within complexion. Cream Blush is specially formulated to blend effortlessly into your skin for either a subtle or dramatic look. What you will enjoy most about this blush is its versatility – use it on your cheeks, eyes and lips! Thanks to Apricot Kernel Seeds in the formula that absorbs any excess sebum production throughout wear time, worry no more about looking shiny after application. And don’t forget how beautiful Warmth looks as contour/bronzer too!

Luscious Liquid Ink 

Introducing Liquid Ink – the must-have product for this season! Whether it’s Halloween or just a casual night out, you can achieve that signature winged eye look with ease thanks to its thin felt applicator. For those of us who have oily lids and watery eyes, we can now rest assured knowing our makeup will stay put all day long. Not sure how to easily create your best cat eye? Just start at the middle of your upper lash line and slowly extend towards the outer corner while lifting up slightly as you reach toward your temple area. With Liquid Ink in tow, no look is unattainable!


As the leaves transition to their autumnal hues, why not give your lips a makeover too? Go bold with velvety-smooth matte lipsticks in darker shades. If you’re unsure of taking that plunge yet, try out some earthy nudes like Trademark and Demure – they suit any season! Plus this lipstick won’t leave annoying smudges or marks on all those Pumpkin Spice Lattes you’ll be sipping away on!

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