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Five Most Common Skincare Errors

Discover How to Correct Skincare Mistakes

Mistakes happen and we can’t avoid them. However, some of these may be affecting your skin without you even knowing it. Let’s go on the journey together to make sure that our skincare routine is in alignment and learn from any mistakes along the way.

Anticipating Extraordinary Results from Products

It’s true that the perfect products can indeed have a positive effect on your skin, but it won’t be immediate. Don’t make the mistake of giving up on them after just two uses; you’ll never know if they would’ve worked for you unless you give them time to show their value. In order to track results better, test only one product at once and commit for 8 full weeks before making a judgment call about its efficacy. The only exception here is that if you experience an unpleasant symptom (rash or hives), then immediately stop using the product.

Over Exfoliating

We adore exfoliation and the way it has become a regular occurrence in your weekly routine. But beware: too much of anything can lead to skin damage, including stripping away its natural moisture barrier. Although you may be infatuated with either physical or chemical exfoliating methods, make sure to give yourself–and more importantly your skin–time off from any kind of scrubbing! That will not solve all existing problems; rather than obsessing over it every night, let nature take its course so that your beautiful complexion remains intact.

Neglecting to Wash Your Face and Makeup Tools 

Your skin won’t thank you for it if you allow dirt, debris and make-up to build up on your face or neglect to wash your hands between restroom visits. Remember the following tips when caring for yourself:

  • For optimal skin health and to get the most out of those expensive beauty serums, make sure to wash your face nightly. Cleanse away any dirt or debris that may have accumulated throughout the day so that you can achieve healthier-looking skin.
  • From door handles to grocery carts, we touch numerous surfaces on a daily basis. To prevent bacteria from transferring onto our face and compromising its health, it is essential that we take the time to wash our hands prior to using them as tools for beauty maintenance.
  • Keep your brushes clean and tidy on a regular basis as neglecting to do so will only result in extra breakouts. We aren’t asking you to spend hours cleaning each night, but if the bristles are significantly discolored it’s time for some TLC! Moreover, when covering active blemishes with dirty tools, bacteria can be transferred onto other parts of your face causing more eruptions- yikes! 

Forgetting to Moisturize 

If you’re someone with oily or acne-prone skin, this mistake is probably something that you have been guilty of in the past: believing oil to be your enemy and moisturizers as a clogger for pores. Well, it’s time to banish those myths! Hydrating your skin is key; however, no need to overload with heavy cream – try 100% Pure Seaberry Moisturizer instead if you are after light weight options.

Being Swayed by Trends

Everyone has heard the phrase ‘consistency is key’ and there is a great deal of truth to it. When it comes to skincare, you may be tempted to try every new product because someone close said it changed their skin for good. Our advice? Don’t do that – if your current routine works well, stick with it! Trends come and go all the time so relying on products with scientifically-backed ingredients should help you reach your desired outcomes quicker and more effectively than any trend can promise.

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