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Free Bunni Cruelty-Free x Clean Beauty Box

A complete, full-sized skin care routine you can use worry-free. Because clean beauty isn't just a fad.

Free Bunni Cruelty-Free x Clean Beauty Box

Time has flown by so fast. We launched Free Bunni just under a year ago, and we’re already launching our first wellness box! Our first box revolves around the core of our mission: to take all the guesswork out of your beauty routine, so your mind and creativity can roam free. And so we did exactly that with the inaugural quarterly Free Bunni Box.

The first Cruelty-Free x Clean Beauty Box boasts an entire skin care routine that you can use day and night, with all products being full-sized. We believe you need to spend more than just a week or two with a new product to truly get to know it. And without further ado, keep on scrolling to get the breakdown on the products starring in the box.

Get to know the Free Bunni Box

Laughing Tree Organics Green Tea & Camellia Cleanser

Green Tea & Camellia Facial Cleanser from Laughing Tree Organics

This cleanser scored a spot in our Spring Box for its supercharged yet gentle formula. It’s not just an effective cleanser, but also a nutrient powerhouse that’ll help make the rest of your beauty routine a piece of cake. To sum it up briefly, green tea is rich with an antioxidant called EGCG that actually prevents against UV damage.

Puristry Flower Water Toner

Flower Water Toner from Puristry

This all-around toner for various skin types is the perfect booster for anyone who’s still skeptical about toner. While rose water hydrates and refreshes your skin, witch hazel clears acne and tightens pores. Try using this toner in the evening to experience plump, supple, glowing skin in the morning.

Rutz Naturals Physical Attraction Serum

Physical Attraction Serum from Rutz Naturals

If you don’t have either hyaluronic acid or vitamin C in your beauty routine yet, you’ll likely want to pick up the Physical Attraction Serum from Rutz Naturals. It’s not only “insanely hydrating” like the tagline suggests, but also aims to help improve the appearance of your skin tone, as well as help resurface your skin texture with continued use.

100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream

Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream from 100% Pure

Had enough of those “you look tired” comments? Your eyes might need a caffeine pick-me-up too! This eye cream shows off impressive stats in awakening your eye area (take a look at the consumer studies for this popular beauty pick!). Antioxidant-rich green tea and coffee work to de-puff eyes and increase circulation to blood vessels for a brighter eye area.

Cake Face Soaping Lavender Lemon Lotion

Lavender Lemon Lotion from Cake Face Soaping

This body cream from Cake Face Soaping contains luxe moisturizing ingredients to lock in nutrients, while still being lightweight enough on skin to not cause any discomfort or greasiness. So you can use it on your face for dry skin as well! It boasts pistachio butter, which offers a healthy balance of fats to keep your skin moisturized and balanced, plus high amounts of vitamin E and antioxidants to keep your skin protected.

First impressions of the box

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