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Best Green Tea Facial Cleanser to Purify Your Pores

Green tea has been shown to balance out sebum production for oily and acne-prone skin.

Green Tea Facial CleanserWhat’s the most important step of a skin care routine? We’d argue your cleanser. While it’s fine to skip out on a serum and eye cream on some days (we all have those lazy days), you probably shouldn’t miss out on using a face wash or cleanser in the morning and at night. A cleanser sweeps away excess oil and debris from your face to prevent against clogged pores and acne. Not only that, it preps your pores to better absorb the beneficial ingredients in the rest of your beauty routine!

So when picking out the cleanser for our Spring Box, we made sure to find one that works for all skin types. The Green Tea & Camellia Facial Cleanser from Laughing Tree Organics scored a spot in our Spring Box for its supercharged yet gentle formula. It’s not just an effective cleanser, but also a nutrient powerhouse that’ll help make the rest of your beauty routine a piece of cake.

Green Tea Benefits for SkinGreen tea facial cleanser benefits

While gentle on skin, this face wash is able to effectively melt away excess oil and bacteria from skin. It removes gunk, but still helps your skin preserve moisture and nutrients. We could certainly go through the whole list of ingredients for this botanical cleanser, but we’ll keep to the main hero ingredients so you can get started with using it ASAP without delay.

Green tea extract

Green tea is definitely the superstar ingredient of this formula. That’s mainly due to its antioxidant properties that protect skin against damage that causes signs of aging. To sum it up briefly, green tea is rich with an antioxidant called EGCG that actually prevents against UV damage.

Why is it in a cleanser? Because green tea has been shown to balance out sebum production for oily and acne-prone skin. So as you use this cleaner, you’ll get a fresh renewed face while also balancing out your complexion over time. At the same time, it’s not dehydrating and soothes inflammation. When combined with calming aloe vera, it forms the perfect duo for dry or sensitive skin!

Tea seed oil

Not to be mistaken with tea tree oil, tea seed oil is extracted from the Camellia sinensis tea seed plant, and boasts antioxidant properties similar to those of green tea leaves that make it a beauty must-have. In addition, it helps to clear out excess grease and makeup residue from clogged pores, without drying out your skin.

Dead sea salt

Dead sea salt is rich in magnesium, which has also been found to increase skin hydration, while also soothing inflammation.

How to Use a Green Tea Facial CleanserHow to use a green tea facial cleanser

Pump a small amount of the facial wash into your clean palms. Mix a small amount of warm water with it, then rub in palms to create a rich lather. Massage into face in upward, circular motions for a good minute, and enjoy the scent of grapefruit essential oil. Gently work around your eyes to remove stubborn makeup. Once finished, rinse off the formula with warm water.

Follow with the rest of your skin care routine as listed below! Feel free to use this gentle green tea cleanser twice daily: once in the morning, and again at night. Spring cleaning will hardly be a chore with this creamy cleanser. Once you get into the routine of washing your face regularly with a natural cleanser, you’ll notice that your skin is more radiant and blemish-free. Get your fresh face on for spring!

Green Tea Facial CleanserThe Free Bunni Box: A complete skin care routine you can use worry-free.

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